About Quality Life Resources

This site is dedicated to providing resources to improve your quality of life.  The website you see now, began as a small blog in the spring of 2009.  It slowly progressed to a full blown site that offers tidbits, tips, advice, facts and all sorts of information that we hope will make your life a little better.  Okay, we want you to love our stuff, but we also want it to help you live a better life.

We focus on health, career, family, relationships, money, lifestyle and technology articles.

While traveling on our personal journeys through life, we believe it is extremely important to be able to share with and learn from others.  When we do so, we open ourselves to the enrichment and growth available through the people and world around us.

Our founder uses the pen name Alana Johnson and lives in the small New England town of Norwalk, CT.  She is a little quirky, at times too contemplative and hopelessly obsessed with people living quality lives even if it goes against the norm of society.

We welcome your feedback.  Please share your success stories, questions, any topics you want to see here or submit your own articles to be published in one of our categories.

All the best,

Team QLR