3 Simple Book Sales Techniques

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Book Sales Ideas

Book sales techniques vary in creativity and venues. What works for one book or author may not work for another. There are common and uncommon techniques that will draw attention, readers and sales. When creating your book marketing plan, it is important to identify the types of techniques you will implement to increase your book sales.

It is suggested that you create two lists of ways to market a book. Create one list for online marketing and a second for offline marketing. Depending on the genre and subject matter of your book, you can create alliances and collaborations that will increase your book exposure and bring in more sales.

Here are three book sales techniques you can include in your book marketing plan:

  • Facebook – Social networking site with over 200 million members and potential readers
  • Point of Sales – The checkout counter at stores that is usually decorated with impulse items
  • Local Fairs and Festivals – A great way to be physically in front of your potential readers


Facebook is an extremely popular social networking website that connects friends, family members, co-workers, classmates and daters. One of my neighbors was outside one night as I was walking. He called me over and introduced me to his friend sitting next to him in front of his house. I said hello, shook his friend’s hand and within minutes we were discussing Facebook.

Shortly after the conversation began, I discovered that my neighbor’s friend was someone he met on Facebook. Now imagine the power of such a resource working for your book. Facebook offers what is called a Fan Page. You can create your own fan page that will be broadcasted not only to your friends and their friends, but to millions of other friends. A neat viral way to spread the word and market a book.

Point of sales locations are the areas in retail stores that cause us to spend a little bit more money than we intended to in a store. You can walk into your local discount; grocery or clothing store and you will see exactly what I am talking about. As you approach he cash register and while you are waiting in line to pay for your selected items, you will notice small merchandise close to the register that are usually inexpensive and “quick buys”. Candy, books, magazines and accessories are the biggest sellers at cash registers. Please note books were included in that list.

Another book sales techniques often dismissed or overlooked by author is attendance at local fairs and festivals. Do you live in a town that hosts annual fairs? Do you live in or near a city that has lively events on a regular basis? If so, here is your opportunity to network, network and network.

You would be amazed how easily you can strike up a conversation once someone knows that you are a writer. Does everyone automatically think you’re a millionaire? No, but for some reason, people are curious about authors and are interested in learning about your book. So try to attend the next fair, festival or concert in your local city. Remember to bring lots of business cards and breath mints.

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