A Good Book Marketing Plan

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A Good Book Marketing Plan

A good book marketing plan aims to accomplish two main objectives. Promoting you as a credible, likeable author and selling copies of your newly published book. Therefore it’s important to know how to market a book. Once you have perfected the art of successfully promoting both, you will see increase in your book sales.

You will also find it a bit easier to schedule appearances at bookstores, speaking engagements, radio interviews and even television programs. The irony of this goal is that you must first tackle all the above mentioned sources before you can climb to higher heights. Here are four elements to focus on when creating learning to market a book that will help promote your name and your book.

Physical appearances at local or national events are a great way to be seen and heard. You want your readers to get to know you and your name. Once readers are familiar with you it will be easier for them to associate your name with your book. This is called an author platform and it’s a necessary way to market a book. Many writers think selling their books will make them famous, but making yourself famous will sell your book.

I’m not suggesting you do anything radical or irresponsible. You want to create a respectful reputation. Booking appearances will get you in front of your local and national readers. Simply attending festivals, charity events, book signings and other activities will build your author platform and help market a book.

Creating buzz can be tricky but worth the while. The term marketing buzz derives from the definition of buzz combined with advertising efforts. Simply put, it means word of mouth advertising. This form of advertising has been and continues to be the most effective and least costly way to market a book. When a person, product, or service receives positive feedback that is shared amongst consumers there is usually an increase in profits.

As more people share their satisfaction with an experience, it encourages others to want similar results. When a friend tells you how great her shampoo is, aren’t you curious to try the same brand? If a co-worker sings the praises of his favorite television program at the water cooler, don’t you consider watching an episode yourself? Now imagine a reader sharing a heartfelt review of your book to her sister. Chances are her sister will want to read the book herself. Yet another reliable way to market a book.

Targeting your audience is a very important part of any good book marketing plan. Without knowing who would be likely to read your book, your marketing efforts will be costly and filled with trial and error setbacks. You don’t want to send your marketing efforts into the world amiss. This is an area that requires specific, diligent and accurate preparation in order to effectively market a book.

Once you have identified your targeted audience, you can then better formulate methods and strategies aimed at this particular group or groups in order to optimize the most sales for the least amount of money. As in any other promotion, efforts to market a book require careful planning. You can use many varied ways of promotion, but you must know to whom you are promoting.

Media advertising whether press releases, online and offline advertisements or email generated leads will propel your book sales to amazing heights. The media reaches readers you will not be able to reach physically. Newspapers, emails, radio and television find their way into the homes, offices, ears and eyes of the world. Not only will it help to market a book, but it will increase the chances of success.

I read once that someone in a small village who knows nothing of world events could know the name of Paris Hilton. This is because Ms. Hilton has been plastered all over the media. Be it good news or bad news, she is well promoted. Keep this concept in mind when incorporating the media to market a book. Knowing what, where and how to advertise in the media can successfully launch your career as a writer.

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