Book Sales Ideas

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Book Sales Ideas

Whether you are a newly published writer or a veteran author, new book sales ideas will help you market a book. Self-published writers are especially in need of creative and free book marketing methods. You don’t have to break the bank to break even and increase your profits. With the age of the internet, media such as social bookmarking, Facebook, YouTube and Digg all offer free ways to market a book.

When devising your marketing plan it’s crucial that you put a diverse list together with strategies market a book. This success of your marketing will determine your quality of life thereafter. There are many different ways to compile this list. You can spend more time online searching Google for ideas, you can purchase an already created plan, you can research what other writers in your niche do to market a book, you can read more articles similar to this one for free tips and you can spend a few days checking out your surroundings.

I’ll elaborate on the each of the above suggestions so you will have a better idea of how to utilize each one.

If you perform a search in Google for book marketing ideas with quotation marks, several options will be presented. You can briefly skim through each result returned by Google and see what might work for you. This will take a lot of time but you will learn a lot of ways to market a book. As you click through each link and read the different scenarios, you’ll find your own creative juices start to flow. It isn’t uncommon for someone to see something and then find a way to put their spin on the idea to improve it.

Purchasing an already created plan will save you all the time of searching online for ideas to market a book. This option also allows you the opportunity to modify the ideas as you would with tips found in your Google search. These plans come all varying price ranges and usually deliver concepts you’ve never thought of.

The great thing about having a book marketing plan that’s already put together is that you can get started right away. Be sure to the plan you purchase offers ways to sell market a book online and offline. It’s important to know what you will receive in the package before making your purchase.

To research how other writers in your niche promote their books, visit your local bookstore or library. Find out who those other authors are. Once you return home, perform a search with quotations in Google for every occurrence of the author’s name. You will find events held, attended and promoted by the author to market a book.

Articles similar to this one usually contain at least one hint, tip or idea that you can use to market a book. Again, see if there’s a way you can modify and tailor an idea for your purpose. There are several online article directories that offer a wealth of information.

My final suggestion is to take in your own surroundings. Look around you when you’re walking, driving, shopping, reading emails, eating out or just doing your daily routines. What catches your eyes that can be used to market a book? What would appeal to your book’s targeted audience? You need to identify the who, what, where of your targeted audience and then adjust your book sales ideas accordingly.

Ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level?  Book Marketing Strategies has ideas to help increase your sales.  Our book market page has more information.


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