Building an Author Platform

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Building an Author Platform

An author platform by definition is having a following or built up readership, an existing group or individuals who are familiar with you and your work. Having a platform helps agents and editors decide if they want you as a client. It also helps when the times comes to market a book. A writer, who comes with her own readers all ready to purchase her book, is far more appealing and likely to sell titles than someone who isn’t well known. Now let’s focus on how to build a strong platform, which will be a part of your book marketing campaign.

To market a book, you will also have to market yourself if you want to be successful. You have to build up momentum. The keyword nowadays is “buzz”. You have to build up buzz about you and a buzz about your book. Can you create your author platform before you are accepted by an agent or offered a book contract? Can you build up the momentum before your book is published and sitting on bookstore shelves? Of course you can, and you can do so without spending a lot of money or driving yourself crazy.

If you are disorganized, get organized or get someone on your team who is. Building a platform is not easy, but it will be worth the time and energy you put into learning to market a book. It’s all about pre-launch. Here are three questions to ask yourself to determine how much work you will need to put into building your author platform:

  • How are you perceived by the people around you?
  • Do your inner and outer circles know you are a writer?
  • As a writer, how do you want to be perceived by everyone?


It’s important to think locally and globally. Once you have evaluated your current status, move forward and start identifying ways you can get your name out there. Think about what you can do in your community to network and build momentum. Creating a buzz globally will mean connecting with media channels on a small or large scale. This will be a great way to market a book! Remember, successful author platforms include personal and professional collaborations. Establish realistic goals and make them happen!

Consider implementing these two tips when building an author platform:

  • Trade Shows and Festivals – Set up shop or just mingle at local trade shows and festivals. This gives you an opportunity to connect with your community and prospective readers.
  • Community Outreach – Organize an outreach event in your community and have yourself announced as author of (title of your book) or as a writer.

If you’re interested in more ways to market a book and to build your author platform start paying attention to your surroundings. What marketing techniques appeal to you? How can you create a similar effect for your book? Simple and powerful ways to market a book can be easily implemented when you are more aware of your environment. Your author platform can do wonders for your books sales, so be sure to build a strong one.

Remember that how you are perceived by potential readers will influence their decision to buy your book. Finally, be diligent in your efforts. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the fruits of your labor immediately. Know that you must plant several seeds to reap many rewards.

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