Cheap Market a Book Tip: Part II

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This cheap market a book tip is continued from Cheap Market a Book Tip – Part I

6. Now go back to your PowerPoint presentation to embed the .wav file. First you must adjust the size of sound files. To do this, click on the Office Button in the upper left hand corner of your presentation. Click on PowePoint Options. Click on Advanced and scroll down to Save. Increase the file size to 15,000 KB and click OK to close this window.

7. Click on the Insert tab. Click on the Sound button and select Sound from File. Browse the drop down menu until you find the .wav version of your song and double click on the title. From the pop-up window select Automatically for your sound start in the slide show. Your options in the menu bar will change. From Sound Options, click on Automatically and select Play across slides. Also check the Hide during show box to hide the sound icon.

At this point you can adjust the slide transition speed and timing to fit crucial points in the song, if you so choose. Save the presentation and again remember to save it as a PowerPoint Show.

8. Send your presentation as an attachment in an email to yourself or someone else. If you send it to yourself, you will have to open the message from a different computer. This is a test to make sure the song works properly with the presentation and everything starts automatically. If the song works move to the next step. If it does not, double check the steps above to make sure you did everything correctly. Only two more steps to our cheap market a book tip.

9. Now that you have a presentation with music you have to convert it to a video. I suggest creating a FREE authorSTREAM account to convert your presentation to video. There are several other online options. Also bear in mind that authorSTREAM (like other companies) will place a small logo in the lower left corner of your slides. Paying a small fee of $2 to remove the logo is optional.

Once you create the account this process is simple and self-explanatory. Your presentation must be saved as a slide show in order for the video to play correctly after conversion. authorSTREAM will email you once the process is complete.

10. While you wait, create a FREE YouTube account where you will upload your video. After receiving the email that your video is ready, sign into authorSTREAM to preview and upload to YouTube. Log into your YouTube account and add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tags. These will be title, description and keywords. Adjust the account settings to your liking and you’re all set! Congratulations, you now have a video on YouTube advertising your book.

This is a viral way to market a book. As I mentioned before, there are tutorials all over the internet to help you. Be patient and do your research. For only .99 you just created a short online commercial for your book. Success won’t fall into your lap, you have to capture it. For more ways to market a book, please check back soon.

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