Creating Book Exposure and Promotion

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Creating Book Exposure and Promotion

Creating exposure for you book can be a daunting and difficult task. However it is important when you have to market a book. Nevertheless, it does not have to be expensive or painful. After you have written your book and have gotten it published, comes the hardest part of all – exposing it to readers who will buy it. Without this particular piece of the puzzle, where is your accomplishment?

Let’s examine the main components of book exposure to get a better idea of the task at hand.

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Using accessible resources to make your book visible
  • Marketing yourself as an author, a brand and a likable person


To generate buzz for you and your book, you will need to incorporate common and uncommon techniques. Utilizing media channels such as the internet (this is gold mine with a plethora of opportunities), magazines, television, print ads, and radio. If you have a target audience your book exposure could be even easier than you think. Know where your readers live, shop, eat, vacation and socialize. Be strategic in getting your name to their ears and your book into their hands.

When creating a plan to expose and market a book, keep in mind these five tips:

  • Keep your cost down
  • Be as professionally creative as possible
  • Network, network and network some more
  • Don’t expect your publisher to do all the work
  • Spend time online and in your community to see what opportunities exist for you


Here is a great way to promote your book using radio and at the same time create exposure on a local level:

Local Radio Station – Contact a local radio station. Preferably a radio station with listeners who would be interested in your book. Explain as a local to the town or city, you have written a book and would like them to do a feature on you. Community oriented opportunities are usually easier to secure than national ones.

If you are interested in more ways you can market a book to readers, get on the internet and start searching. You will find a plethora of information on this topic. To narrow down your searches, use quotation marks around you criteria. For example, you can type “book exposure” or “book promotion” into your favorite search engine.

Many articles just like this one will offer free advice and often include samples or step by step instructions. A writers’ forum can also be very beneficial to your book marketing efforts. By joining a writers’ forum, you will be able to network with other writers, learn, share and understand how to generate book exposure.

Finally, I have a few words of encouragement. Don’t give up if you don’t get your desired result immediately. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sorry for the cliché, but you get my point. Your book is your own personal success story. If you have gotten it to the point of publication, take it even further. The results will not only be fulfilling, they will be far more financially rewarding than you can imagine.

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