How Can I Sell My Book?

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Increasing Your Book Sales

If you have recently signed a publishing contract to have you manuscript published, at one point or another you’re going to ask yourself: How can I sell my book? As with any product or service being sold, you will need promotional resources to market a book. To do so successfully you will need an organized book marketing plan. Depending on your agent, publisher and your contract, some of this responsibility will fall on you as the author. The big question is how much.

You can sit back and wait on your above mentioned team to get the ball rolling. Whether you have a team or not, I highly recommend you devise your own plan to market a book. Call me paranoid, but something as important as the success of your book shouldn’t be left solely in the hands of others.

Now if you happen to be related to or are a close friend of the The Donald, then by all means rub those elbows. Chances are your quality of life is already pretty good if you’re friends with Donald. For the rest of us, spending a lot of money to market a book is not an option.

Let’s talk a little more about marketing plans. They organize your plan of action. When you have an important project to complete, do you just move forward without first considering your options? Even when you purchase something that requires assemblage, you first read the directions or guide. You don’t just start putting pieces together or forcing nuts, bolts and screws into the wrong places. The same focus is required to market a book.

At any rate, having a plan in place before you start your journey to market a book will definitely go a long way and ensure a smoother process as well as more positive results. Your plan should include your budget (if you have one), your target audience (this is of the utmost importance) and a list of strategies to use.

With the right ways to market a book, you can save yourself a lot of money. You can easily market your book online and offline for very little to nothing at all. The key word is creativity. Be sure to include networking as a way to get the word out about your book. Often times you know someone who can assist in your marketing efforts and you don’t realize it.

Here’s a freebie idea that will help you market a book:

Have a Book Launch Party. This is an exciting way to market a book. Invite family, friends, newspapers, radio personalities and local bloggers. You can either have the party at night or during the day. If you hold the event at night try to secure a location in a popular area with an active night life. If your event is held during the day, consider an open area with a lot of passersby.

Your goal here is to attract a crowd to your crowd. Many people are curious and want to know about local events. To further spread the word, submit the details of your party to a local free paper. They’re free so the readership is larger than you can imagine. This is a great way to market a book.

Ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level?  Book Marketing Strategies has ideas to help increase your sales.  Our book market page has more information.


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