How to be an Expert in Writing

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How to be an expert in writingWriting is a skill that needs practice like so many other activities in our lives. If you really want to be good at it you need to do it often and to draw your inspiration from positive sources.

Here we have prepared some tips to boost your productivity and bring you to perfection when it comes to writing. All of this is highly personal however so remember that your own experiences, willpower and desire to succeed will play the major part in nearing said perfection at almost a 100%.

Quality over quantity

It is important not to look toward a target number of words, but rather to making a point with what you write. Avoid thoughts of achieving a goal and let your mind wander and follow through with what you want to say. You’ll see you’ll get better at it.

Help edit someone’s work

Working together with someone else might make you feel like your work isn’t appreciated, especially if the person gives constructive criticism, however doing this for someone else might let you see in a more productive light, identifying mistakes you’d never see if they were in your own writing.

Write daily and don’t share some of it.

Have some place where you’ll write and let out all that annoys you without sharing it with people. This is a great way to let out some steam creatively – it will help you keep focused on your other tasks.

Make a draft outline and accept criticism

For the most part it’s always good to know what the goal of your writing is. When it comes to criticism make sure you listen and offer your work only to people who do their best to give you logical answers that push your work forward instead of muddling your thoughts and breaking down your resolve.

Avoid being Captain Obvious

It’s no use repeating things everyone will know or getting sidetracked by excessive descriptions of something. Make sure you tell what can’t be told in a way that others won’t say. Avoid cliches at all costs.

Widen your vocabulary

And by that we don’t mean using excessively complex words on purpose, just use words that are relevant and never go too far. There is nothing worse than using simple English excessively in writing. We can all be better than that.

Keep a notebook on you at all times

Ever had a moment when a great idea pops into your head and you curse yourself for not having something to write it on? And then an hour later you can’t remember a thing? You know what we mean by that.

Learn to contemplate

A key point in inspiration is learning to draw your ideas from the world around you. Stare off into space, do something else completely unrelated to writing and you’ll see how your ideas will flow better than actively trying to brainstorm your way into finding a solution.


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