How to Increase Your Internet Book Sales

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Increasing Your Book Sales

Book sales are normally generated through two main efforts—online and offline. With the strong presence of the World Wide Web, it’s important to know how to increase your internet book sales. The internet is a major source for advertising and is able to reach more customers globally and with less effort than offline promotions.

There are many ways to market a book on the internet. Here are three popular methods sure to increase your internet book sales. Social Networks are websites through which people connect, share and network. The major sites presently are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. These sites provide the opportunity to reconnect with old or lost friends, classmates, family members and colleagues.

Though the basis of each site is intended to be for personal use, millions of people take the opportunity to also promote products and services through their profile pages. You can use these networks to market a book. It is also an option to purchase advertising space from any of these networking sites, because they do offer such a large audience. Each site boasts membership in the millions.

If you want to reach out to possible readers and keep your own circle updated on your writing career, consider signing up with one or more of these sites. Once comfortable, you can also start to market a book. Banner Advertisements are everywhere on the internet. They vary in shapes, sizes and colors and appear on practically all major websites. When strategically placed i.e., on sites that share a common interest with your book and in areas on websites frequented by your potential readers, you can increase your sales drastically.

Banner ads can be costly, but they are a sure way to market a book. The appeal of banner ads lies in the imagery. If the picture and or text presents enough intrigue, a viewer will click on the banner (to get more information) and will then be redirected to the destination of your choice. This destination can be your own website, your Amazon sales page or even your feature page on your publisher’s website. To market a book with these ads all depends on your plan and what you want to accomplish.

Email Marketing is still an effective way to market a book. Though it has lost some of its luster over the years due to spam and the growth of the internet, this type of marketing still brings in sales for many. The key to email marketing success depends on the list to which you subscribed or created. Many marketing gurus will advise that having a list you have cultivated yourself is far more effective than purchasing a list. Others disagree and suggest purchasing a list from a reputable marketing company will save you time and still produce targeted traffic.

The difference in the two opinions is apparent once you understand how these lists are compiled. When created from your website, your list comes from viewers who complete and submit a form placed on your site. To get viewers to complete these forms usually involves the promise of something free. Freebies include items such as a newsletter or report. For writers a freebie could be a short story you have written.

As visitors complete this form your list will begin to grow. You can then use that list to market a book and communicate with these visitors collectively. A purchased list can come from someone who has already collected names and emails through their own form or from a company that has names and emails of individuals who have signed up for additional information on specific topics.

When deciding which list you will choose to market a book, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each. The internet is indeed a valuable source of communication, marketing and sales. When you’re ready to market a book, be creative in selecting the methods you use for promotion. Once you discover what works for you and your particular book, stick with it!

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