Where to Sell Your Book

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Where to Sell Your Book

Have you recently been published but don’t know where to sell your book or how to market a book? It all depends on your targeted audience. Book marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or burdensome. You can promote and sell your book efficiently with the right strategies.

As mentioned, knowing your target audience is important when determining where to sell you your book. “Where” can be broken down into two different meanings. You can mean where as in offline and online or where online and offline you can market a book. Any practical and successful marketing endeavor will include both online and offline areas. As you know location is key and not just in real estate.

After you identify your audience, you then want to create a list of places they would frequent on the internet and locally in their neighborhoods. These areas will let you know where to market a book.

A perfect example would be fitness and exercise. Consumers interested in fitness and exercise shop at health food stores and can be found entering and leaving a gym. I’m not suggesting you set up shop in front of a local gym and try to market a book. What you can do however, is ask the manager of the gym if he or she would be willing to raffle off your book in a drawing.

You can also have the members leave business cards in small fish bowl and hold a drawing at the end of the month. In the process you’ve exposed your book to all the members who pass by the service desk. If the winner of the drawing enjoys the book, your marketing will go viral as she spreads the word.

An online way to market a book for the fitness and exercise crowd would be health boards and weight lifting forums. I’m a health conscious person myself, so I often end up in such forums. My guilty pleasure is reading comments because they can be very funny at times. Choose two or three forums and/or boards and become a member. You will soon be chatting away, networking and making friends. You can either place a short description of your book or just a link to your author website in your signature. Not only will appear with each post and comment you make it’s a subtle way to market a book.

When I leave the parking lot for the movie theatre in my hometown of Norwalk, CT, there is a small advertisement space directly in front of me at the traffic light. Of course if it’s red, I have to wait. While waiting my eyes inevitably land on the currently empty space. I always wonder why hasn’t someone taken advantage of this space? The location is perfect to market a book. It could be rented for a short period of time, say when a new blockbuster movie premieres. Ideas like this can drastically increase your readership.

Your readers are out there and they will buy your book if you put it in front of them. A good friend of mine is an abstract artist. His home is filled, I mean FILLED with books on art. I’m beyond impressed at how seriously he takes his craft to have so many books and he actually reads them. So what does that say about your readers? They’re waiting for your book, so get going and figure out where they are and how to market a book to them.

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