Book Marketing Strategies:

100 Ways for Writers to Market a Book

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Writing a good quality book is a challenge. Yes, you need writing talent, but you also need to be able to exercise vast amounts of creativity, perseverance, self-discipline and motivation among a host of other important and necessary personal attributes.

Nearly every author has this fear: that despite creating the greatest publication of your life your book might only sell a few copies. The hardest part for almost every aspiring author is the task of actually marketing your book and generating huge numbers in sales.

You can sell thousands of copies of your book. As an author YOU are the person with the greatest vested interest in the success of your book. So why leave your success in the hands of others?

The first step to solving the issue is to take complete control. All you need is to be equipped with a few low cost and highly effective techniques to market a book and to create more publicity for your book than anyone else can.

I want my book to sell, sell, sell!

What’s Included:

Easy to understand, easy to apply strategies that will:

  • Build your personal “brand” as an author and personality
  • Ramp up your book sales beyond anything you’ve yet experienced
  • Become widely known and recognized both online and offline
  • Gain exposure for your book on local, national and global scales
  • Take advantage of time tested methods AND cutting edge sales techniques
  • Increase your book sales through local communities and corporations
  • Use viral marketing strategies to spread the word like wild fire!
  • Increase your book sales with easy to use techniques to market a book
  • BONUS #1: A complete list of links to 100 Press Release websites that you can use to further promote your books, spread your profile as an author, and drive more traffic to the websites you sell your books through.
  • BONUS #2: Three additional, highly effective but little known ways to EXPLODE your exposure


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