10 General Interview Questions

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These ten general interview questions can be used in interviewers and interviewees.  If you want to nail an upcoming job interview take a look at these basic questions a recruiter might ask you.  Check out our freebie page for a more extensive list of interview questions that you can print and study.

Where do you see yourself ## from now?

This will give you an idea on the personal vision of the applicant. It will reveal how organized his thoughts are, how specific and detailed he thinks and how driven he is. It would be good to ask for both the long-term and short-term goal as that would give a more accurate insight on the applicant’s goal setting process.

What are your strengths?

Many applicants will most likely provide generic answers. The ones who will give specifics and unique answers are the ones who have more analytical skills and more creative minds. It also means they actually took the time to prepare for the interview.

What are your weaknesses?

Just like the question before this one, asking about a person’s weakness will give you a good gauge on just how much the person prepared and how creative he is.

What will you bring to the company?

Aim to get something specific. Saying common statements like ‘I will work hard’ or ‘I’m a perfectionist’ doesn’t add any value. Look for something that will reveal the unique skill or talent or experience that no one else can bring.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

This is the applicant’s unique selling proposition. The applicant should be able to precisely pinpoint what are the things that set him apart from others. He needs to articulate what unique experience or combination of skills he has that no other employee can offer. Be specific and be relevant. Those are important.

What do you expect from the company?

The applicant should know the company enough to be able to say what it is about the company that he likes. Whether it is the salary, just the thought of having a job, the contacts or other factors, the employee must be able to identify what’s with the company that’s making him want to work.

What is your ultimate career goal?

This will provide you an idea on the career trajectory he wants to take. This will give you a clue on how long he wants to stay in the company, what department or how fast he will work for a promotion.

Tell me about yourself.

This is the most generic question out there which is not technically a question. As common as it may seem, not many will nail it. This question is an opportunity for the applicant to “sell” himself. It’s like a pitch, a short and sweet description that should give the interviewer an idea whether he is interested or not.

If you don’t get this job, what are your options?

This question is meant to provide the interviewer with an idea on the competitiveness of the candidate and their market value. If the candidate has other concrete options, then it must mean he is worth being considered.

Do you have questions?

Candidates that will ask more substantial questions like promotion process and company support for career growth are the ones worth having. It means they are concentrating on their career path rather than just concentrating on money.

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