22 Resume Tips

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22 Resume Tips

22 Resume Tips

For millions of jobseekers having resume tips are crucial to writing their own resume. The process can be overwhelming, especially since your resume will make or break your invitation to an interview. Without a proper career guide that small sheet of paper is a representation of you and can mean the difference between employment and unemployment.

There are basic resume rules to which a jobseeker must adhere. There are also more complex rules to keep in mind that can enhance your resume’s effectiveness. Here are twenty-two basic and complex rules to not only remember but implement when writing your resume. Remember that not all of the below tips will apply to your experience and resume, so please use them as necessary with your career guide.

1. Utilize the spell check feature on your computer. Nothings says don’t hire me like typos.

2. Get someone else to look at your resume. Another set of eyes will catch mistakes you missed.

3. Imagine you were a recruiter or hiring manager, do you like the way the look of the resume format?

4. Do you have a page and a quarter? Try changing your font or sizes to fit on one page.

5. Chronological resumes are the most popular but not always best for everyone.

6. Highlight your accomplishments and any added value you contributed to the company or department.

7. Don’t lie on your resume. Too many people think little white resume lies are okay.

8. Sprinkle the right keywords throughout your resume to match your industry and position.

9. Determine if bullets are better for your particular resume or if paragraphs are best.

10. DO NOT include pictures, no colorful resume paper, no creative fonts no negative remarks.

11. Make sure all your contact information is accurate, this is a major rule in any career guide.

12. Sell the benefits of your skills and identify how they can offer positive contribution.

13. Make sure your cover letter and resume are both focused on the same objective.

14. Learn as much as you can about a position and company before the interview.

15. Be professional in your language. Slang has no place on a resume or a cover letter.

16. Hobbies are for high school graduates and possibly recent college graduates with no experience.

17. Include industry affiliations you have that will help to sell your candidacy.

18. Leave out non pertinent and personal information such as age and political affiliation.

19. Be careful not to date yourself too much by adding forty years of experience unless you’re a CEO.

20. Don’t use pronouns like “I”. The recruiter knows the resume is about you.

21. If you feel your skills are not strong enough to produce a quality resume get someone to help you.

22. Please, please, please remove ringbacks that are inappropriate when submitting your resume.

As you can see there are specific rules that you cannot break and others that can be tweak. It’s important to know which is which. Using these tips as a career guide will help make your job search easier. The quality of life for many has declined in recent years. Until that change arrives, the job search process will continue to be fierce. Stay focused on your goal and be diligent in your pursuit.

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