3 Career Options You Didn’t Know About

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The job outlook for recent college graduates has never been so bleak. With very little options, many grads are settling for jobs outside of their area of study because they cannot afford to find the perfect job, there are piling student loans and increased costs of living to deal with. However, many students do not realize the options that are out there because some areas they would have never considered based on their studies or strengths. Check out these fast-growing jobs that are currently in high demand.

Event Planners

Perfect for: Marketing, theatre, public relations, interior design, art, or communications majors, or anyone who is a “people person” with an aptitude for style and organization. This is one of the top 10 fastest-growing occupations in the country according to the U.S.

Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. They explained that in 2010 there was an estimated 71,600 people worked in this industry and by 2020 they predict a nearly 44 percent increase.

Event planning is more than just weddings and celebrations; many businesses are in need of event planners for things such as conventions and large meetings. Being able to organize and take direction well is a must.

Internet Marketing Specialist

Perfect for: Marketing, communications, writing, computer science, graphic design, or business graduates. Also good for anyone who is an expert at Facebook, Twitter, and all things social media.

Bet you didn’t know that the hours you wasted not studying and sending out massive amounts of Tweets would pay off, but working at an SEO agency may be the place for you to shine. There are all different types of positions available such as link building, social media, writing, developing, website design, and more. Working for an SEO agency will place you in one of the fastest-growing professions of our time. The world is becoming more and more reliant on the Internet and businesses now need online marketing if they want to survive.

Translators or Interpreters

Perfect for: Language majors or anyone who can fluently speak another language. Being able to speak multiple languages may be more of an asset than you realize as almost every industry will at one time or another need the assistance of an interpreter. Whether it is to communicate with a client or potential business associates, having someone who can accurately, quickly, and diligently translate for them will make their jobs easier while providing you with a profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also placed translators among the professions that will grow the most by 2020.

If you are struggling to find a job following your graduation, fret not, you just need to think outside the normal path for your major and you could wind up with a much more enjoyable and lucrative career.

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