3 Common Accelerated Online Degree Programs For Working Professionals

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nurse-with-stethoscopeAn accelerated degree will help you obtain the career of your dreams faster and easier than if you were to pursue a traditional two or four-year degree. Accelerated degrees are academically intense.

You will be getting the same amount of education, but you are required to do more work in a shorter period of time. This is recommended for those that can handle the stress of a fast-paced degree and want a career soon. Here are three common programs for accelerated degrees online.

Accelerated Nursing Degree

Accelerating a nursing degree can be beneficial for the world and the individual seeking the degree. Nursing is a notoriously crowded field to get into. Programs fill up quickly, and students have to wait years to take certain classes. This can be frustrating, and it often puts a nursing career on hold. An accelerated degree provides students with the opportunity to get their BSN or RN degrees quickly and efficiently.

Distance options are hugely beneficial for students. These accelerated programs allow you to learn and take classes without having to attend the physical school or class as often. Most require you attend for exams and special projects.

Nursing is a field that is in demand and needs quality professionals. There is always a shortage of nurses. If you already have some education in the field, then you can complete the next step for a better career. If you are new to nursing but working elsewhere, then studying online for a nursing degree is a great opportunity.

Business Administration

A master’s in business administration is also a common online program. A business professional may want to pursue an accelerated master’s in business administration because it will lead to better career advancements. There are plenty of schools that offer this type of degree in as little as six months. You can expect higher wages, better advancement opportunities and an improved overall experience with your career choice.

Business administration opens the door to a number of career pathways. You can become a manager of a company, an executive or own your own business. A master’s makes a significant difference in the business field.

A master’s in business administration goes well with other degrees too. A person with a degree in marketing or accounting may pursue business administration.

Health Administration

This career choice is a fantastic one for an accelerated program. Health administration is a field that will allow you to work within companies, non-profits, government, hospitals and politically based groups. Health administrators help reform policies and regulations that will improve the way the rest of the world receives healthcare. Health administrators can make a great salary, and an accelerated program can get you on the path to a better career quickly.

Health administration is in high demand. The most common degree is for a bachelor’s, but a master’s can also be obtained through many accredited universities.


These three programs will help you find a fantastic new career. They are flexible and will lead you to a more fulfilling career in the field you choose. Health administration, business administration and nursing are the most common and top choices for accelerated programs.

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