3 Powerful Salary Negotiation Tips

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3 Powerful Salary Negotiation Tips

Like millions of Americans, are you presently or do you foresee yourself entering the job market? Perhaps you are at the end of a long interview and filtering process. Regardless of your status, current global financial conditions are worsening and it is imperative that you are able to negotiate salary terms in today’s job market. The line between what you want and what you need has become finer in the past twelve months

Salaries have decreased even in once highly paid areas like New York City. Job seekers find themselves taking drastic measures like moving their families to other states in order to secure a new position. To save money, companies offer less benefits, fewer perks and lower compensation.

There are hundreds if not thousands of articles detailing the desperate situations of many Americans faced with unemployment. Too many individuals are having a hard time because the market is extremely competitive or they simply do not understand the survival requirements for the new rat race. A growing concern amongst the employed and unemployed is stability. Many are unable to pay their bills, are facing foreclosure and even bankruptcy. Small luxuries are no longer affordable and families now take staycations instead of vacations.

For the common American, the key to survival in this tough and frustrating job market involves understanding the market. Without some sort of career guide many search the internet aimlessly for jobs. It is important to know the current hiring trends, what companies are looking for, being able to sell yourself, your skills, experience and education. It is also important to be open-minded and able to create opportunities for yourself.

If you will soon be laid off, consider requesting an extension. Is there an open position in another department in your company? Be creative in your marketing techniques. How many people have you seen advertising themselves in person, online or on billboards? A career guide will allow you to learn to network personally and professionally. Enlist the assistance of a recruiting firm you trust.

Once you reach the prized final interview stage here are three powerful salary negotiation tips to keep in mind:

  • If you have more than one offer mention the highest offer to the other companies
  • When a salary is offered ask if the company has any flexibility with the figure
  • Give a salary range not a specific figure so you don’t shoot too high or too low in your expectations


Salary negation doesn’t have to be a tug of war. When done professionally and intelligently the process can be rewarding and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Attitude and communication are also factors an employer takes into consideration when negotiating a salary. If you are too aggressive, pushy or overbearing your chances are slim of securing the right salary and possibly the position.

Imagine how you feel about individuals that behave that way with you. Do you enjoy talking with them, or even being around them? Most people don’t and neither will a hiring manager. There is a time to be assertive and then there is a time to be humble. Aggression rarely accomplishes much long term.

Are you looking for more information on the job market or your own career guide? If you found these three powerful salary negotiation tips helpful and want additional guidance in your job search find resources that will offer comprehensive information. Remember to stay positive and good luck!

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