3 Reasons Why Teaching is a Great Profession

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Teachers provide society with the critical task of educating others, whether it’s from the young age of kindergarten or retirees going back to school to enrich their lives. Teaching a student is far from a desk job, where you’re sitting quietly all day. Even if you specialize in one discipline, teaching is an eclectic way to spend your working life, since it involves physical movement, interaction with others and intellectual stimulation. Other benefits of teaching include:

1. Personal Rewards

Helping people of any age learn about something that you enjoy or understand well can be quite rewarding. Teachers help their students achieve knowledge and mastery, and these accomplishments contribute to their overall well-being. They also help lay the foundation for their successes in life.

Someone who chooses teaching as a profession has a lot of options when it comes to where they live, which in and of itself can be personally rewarding. Teachers can live in rural or urban settings and even choose to teach in foreign countries, giving them rich life experiences while making a living.

2. Financially Security

Although teaching is not a pathway to immediate wealth, it is a way to achieve financial security over the long haul. The demand for teachers is exceptionally stable and seldom subjected to the business cycles that affect other sectors of the economy and employment demand. People who teach in the public sector often have state-funded retirement programs that private-sector employees may not.

Almost all teachers, especially in the public sector, receive an attractive package of benefits, which includes health and life insurance. You may also be able to take advantage of discounted programs from retailers and other service providers. Educators may even be able to take advantage of public programs, like the Housing and Urban Development’s Good Neighbor Next Door program that gives teachers substantial discounts on homes in targeted neighborhoods.

3. Family-Friendly

Many teachers enjoy the schedule of teaching, which is done primarily during the day, with paid holidays and vacations throughout the year. Although some teachers put in long hours, some of the work they do can be performed at home instead of at a teacher or student desk, like grading papers or making lesson plans. Teachers with children may be able to drop off and pick up their children at school if the hours are compatible.

Teachers with families won’t have to take vacation days for holidays if they want to observe or celebrate them with their families. Almost all public and private schools provide sick leave or personal days, which also helps keep teaching as one of the family-friendliest jobs on the market.

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