3 Tips for Finally Making that Career Change

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Need a career change? You might feel confused about the next step to take. Before changing careers you need to find your motivator. Are you hungry to change your life, or are your parents or friends behind the decision?If you change careers due to pressure from loved ones or friends you will be unhappy. They are not the ones who have to live with the choice, so while they might be happy you give up the reigns to your free will and happiness if you make the decision from a place of fear.

Do what sings to you. Follow your passions. Live your dreams and kill the fear of criticism by changing careers despite the fears that your parents or friends might project on you.

Remember, those closest to you might give you the worst advice, due to their own selfish needs and irrational fears. This is why becoming 100% clear on what you wish to do for a living is beyond critical as you set out to change your career.

How can you most effectively change careers?

Get Clear

Decide on what you most want to do with your life. Do not include the opinions of people around you. These people don’t have to work your job, or engage in the entrepreneurial venture, so they can’t know what’s best for you.

If you are in a relationship feel free to discuss your career change with your partner, but if the move is not hurting either one of you, they should be supportive.

One note: if you seek an entrepreneurial opportunity make sure to save enough money to ease the transition. Be fair to your partner, and yourself.

Research Your Passions in Detail

List out the things you most love doing in detail. Think through what you have a passion for. What skills do you best use? How do you feel when doing certain things?

Maybe you are in love with writing, spending hours each day recording your thoughts, or blogging. This talent can lead to a career change.

Log each idea. Think deeply, as many times we hide our true passions underneath the fear of criticism.

Find Matches

Once you list your passions start thinking about matches. Select your top 5 passions. Now dwell on how you can use your talent to benefit others. You might be able to work a job where expressing your passion is an awesome match. Or maybe you can start an entrepreneurial venture where you talents are put to the best use.

Research on the internet, or stop by your local library. List out your potential career opportunities beside each passion. Form correlations, brainstorm, and you begin to see the careers which might really sing to you.

You were not intended to work a job you hate. There is no honor in being miserable with your career choice. Make the decision today to find a new career. Follow these steps and make the shift.

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