4 Great Hobbies for the Inner Business Man or Woman

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In the modern world, there are certain fields or areas of work that are very much in demand. The acronym STEM very well represents the available industries today: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Of course, there are numerous subsidiary fields that come hand in hand with these fields. Business corporations, for instance, are needed to properly market the products produced by, say, the people who build and design the circuit boards that go into making a computer. This, as expected, will create a lot of busy work for the businessman or woman. This will generate a lot of exhaustion as well, which will create the need for time away from work – which, of course, nobody ever has any idea what to do with.

Now, everybody has to decide what they want to do with their free time (unless you want to do nothing, which isn’t terribly productive). Some people simply want to spend their free time doing stuff that relaxes them. Others want to spend their time doing more productive. Now, if you’re a business person, then one of two things are probably true: either you’re doing this because you want to or like, or you’re doing it solely because it’s profitable. If you’re one of the latter, then you don’t need to continue reading this article (but you can if you want to – you never know). If you’re not a businessperson, but have that same love of business or things like it, then this is also for you.

So, to start out, what kind of kind of things can you do with your free time? Or, to put it another way, what hobbies can you take up? Let’s examine four of them: side businesses, networking, learning and golf.

Side Business

First, sidelong businesses. If you’re a regular businessperson, it’s likely that you work for someone else. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working for someone else; it’s a perfectly respectable and legitimate way to earn a living. Many people, on the other hand, have an impulse to be self-employed, or to be a business owner or whatever. Therefore, one of their side-projects might be to take an idea or a concept and turn it into a business. This can be any amount of things – a lemonade brand, a type of handbag, etc. The successful hobbyist, then, would take this hobby and make it into a business – big or small – that would operate independent of their primary job.


Secondly, networking. Now, this seems fairly straightforward, but it also seems a bit of an odd hobby, so let’s unpack it. What is meant by networking in this case is engaging in activities that bring you into contact with people who move in various circles – that is, going to certain clubs – the Rotary, for instance, or a chess club – that bring people together. A person who has this hobbies might enjoy the socialization, but they would also see these activities as opportunities to expand their network, so to speak.


Thirdly, learning. In this globalist society, a good amount of knowledge is an extremely important thing. For instance, knowing a foreign language such as Chinese or French can be incredibly practical to the business person. Similarly, for the aspirant to businesspersonhood (an odd word, by all accounts), learning about things like budget balancing and economics can be an exceptionally good idea.


Fourthly, golf. This one is kind of tongue-in-cheek, but it is still applicable. After all, you plan to be a successful business person one day – whether you are already in that field or whether you hope to enter it – knowing how to play this favorite sport of CEOs and managers would be a pretty good idea.

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