4 Important Things To Look At During A College Visit

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Campus life in the fall

Going on a college visit is a very important step in the process of choosing the right College for you to attend when you get out of high school. If you are going to visit a college, it easy to simply take it to heart and look at all of the official things that they want you to look at.

However, there are some other things that you should look at when you’re on your visit. Here are four important things to evaluate on your college visit that you won’t find in the official guide.


On the most important things to evaluate on your college visit is to determine what the housing situation is like. You’re going to spend a lot of time wherever you decide to live, so it’s important to choose a good place. If you are thinking about living in the dorms, see if you can spend the night in one.

See if there are off-campus housing options nearby that aren’t too expensive. You need to make sure that there are some good places to live that will allow you to have somewhere to study and get away from the noise.

Sit in On a Class

One of the areas that you will spend the most time in college is in class. While the college guides might tell you all about the facilities and the awards that they’ve won, you won’t really get a feel for the classes until you sit in on one. See if you can get into a class and listen to a lecture. You’ll be able to get a very good feel for what the classes are like this way.

Read the School Newspaper

While you are on your college visit, you should also take the time to get a college newspaper and check it out. By simply reading the college newspaper, you can pick up all kinds of tidbits of information about the campus. You can see what events are going on, what is important to the students, and what student life is like.

While the student newspaper is still filtered through the lens of what is appropriate for the school, it does give you a little bit of information that you can use. If nothing else, you can get a feel for what events are available at your campus.

Talk to Students

Although the official guide will try to paint one picture surrounding a college, the actual students there might paint another. If you can take the time to strike up a conversation with a few different students, you can get a good idea of what to expect when you arrive.

If you continually hear about how great the college is from actual students, then this is a good sign. It’s much more credible to hear from people who are actually paying to go to school there than it is to simply take the tour guide’s word for it. It is in the school’s best interest to get you to go there. Their opinion of the school will always be positive.

Don’t be afraid to dig a little bit when you are taking a tour of the school. It can provide you with valuable information that can help you tremendously when making a decision about which school you’ll attend.

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