4 Must Have Resume Tips to Get a Higher Response

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Writing your resume is a key part of getting a job, but no one likes doing it because it seems incredibly difficult. A majority of job applicants hire someone else to do it for them. The reason people find it so hard is that they don’t understand the basics that go into writing a professional resume.

Doing a little research to figure out what makes one resume better than another can help you save money and ultimately land the job you want. The choice is yours: take the time to create a great personalized resume on your own, or give someone else your money to do it for you.

Choose a Clear Focus

Not all resumes are created for the same purpose. You need to figure out what the purpose is for this resume. Are you moving to a new company? Does the new job have more responsibility, or the same amount as your current job? Is it in a different field? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you decide what type of resume you will be creating.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Be sure to match up your experience and skills so that they align with the job you are applying for. Most people think you need one resume and that will work for any job you apply for. The fact is that each job you apply for is looking for different talents, so try to tailor your resume to fit with that specific job based on your past experience and training. For example, there are many different jobs at a bank, so “banking experience” is not focused. Are you applying to be a manager, or a teller? Is it an investment bank? Be specific with your resume for a better chance of being noticed.

Use Industry-Specific Keywords in Your Resume

Talk about your experience and skills using words related to the industry you are applying for a job within. This is helpful when recruiters do a keyword search through the resumes they have received, because most companies enter them into their database after receiving them. The more words you use related to the job you are applying for, the higher you will come up in their searches.

Be Concise and Specific

Say everything with as few words as possible, and make paragraphs short. Nothing bores a recruiter as quickly as a big block of text. Use bullet points when possible and keep the margins on the top, bottom, and sides large. Make your resume pleasing to the eye and you will be more likely to be noticed.

This is a guest post.  Jonathan Milligan is a career coach and blogger at CPACareerCoach.com. Over the past few years he has helped thousands of people discover their strengths, build their careers, and locate better jobs.

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