4 Unique Ways to Take Free College Courses Online

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Unfortunately for the hundreds of thousands of students that are graduating or have graduated high school in the past few years, college tuition rates have skyrocketed. They have been increased well over the rate of inflation, and the trend looks to go nowhere but up. Those that do decide to brave the waters and enter into college are often left with thousands of dollars in debt, dragging down spirits and bank accounts alike.

However, for those of you whose thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: free online college courses. While you won’t get a degree out of it, there is a wealth of free college courses that you can take online to better yourself, your career, or just learn! Here are 4 unique ways to take free college courses online that will leave you, your parents and your wallet happy!

MIT OpenCourseware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology — one of the most revered school in the entire country — has an extremely diverse archive of actual classes taught at MIT. While you may need to purchase a textbook to follow along with some of the courses, “tuition” to take these classes is absolutely free. Available classes range from basic economics, to advance quantum physics — you’re sure to find something of both interest and usefulness here.

University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley’s “Webcast” website is also a goldmine of free information. They have posted audio and video recordings of many of their most popular courses, but do not offer text materials for any of them. Nonetheless, you can learn a great deal about a variety of subjects here; the amount of available courses is not quite on par with MIT, but like every website that made this list, they are absolutely free!

Stanford University iTunes U

If you own an Apple product (and if you made it to this website, I’d bet that you probably do) you can access a ton of free course material from Stanford University through iTunes. This is obviously a downside to those of you that have remained Apple-free, but it’s very convenient for the rest of you that are (most likely) using iTunes on a daily basis. The amount of content is impressive and of course, completely free.

Carnegie Mellon OpenLearning

Another popular school giving back to the community, Carnegie offers a wide array of free courses presented in an easy-to-follow online format. The courses offer basically the same learning value that you’d see from paying the exorbitant tuition costs and physically attending class, as long as having someone tell you the material instead of reading it yourself isn’t too much of a problem.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, 4 unique ways to take free college courses online. While it is unfortunate that you will not receive college credit and thus a degree from accessing this free material, you can educate yourself in the mean time while you save up for the real deal.

This is a guest post.  Jeff Richards is a school administrator and guest author at TopCollegesOnline.org, a site with ratings and rankings of top online colleges.


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