5 Awesome Accessories For Any Home Office

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Kitting out your home office can be a lot of fun. Working from home gives you the opportunity to truly personalise your workspace, as well as to get it set up in the optimum way for your very own working style. Some like to make it a professional looking area to increase productivity, whereas others like to fill it with personal knick-knacks to give them something non-work related to look at in moments of boredom. Beyond the essential desk and computer set up, there are lots of accessories you can buy to make your home office a place you enjoy spending time in.


Having good storage facilities is vital if you want to remain feeling on top of things. Having mountains of paper piled up all over the place or never being able to find a pen when you need one can waste hours of your working week. Even though most work is done on computers these days it is amazing how many bits of paper we amass. A good sturdy filing cabinet or an overhead shelf with upright file holders helps you to stay in control. A drawer or pot dedicated to pens, pencils, staplers and rulers is a good idea. The magnetic Rubix Cube Desk Tidy looks fantastic and adds a funky splash of colour to your workspace.


Often home offices are small spaces, and making the best use of them requires an element of tidiness. Wires can be the biggest problem as they get tangled up or left in places they can be tripped over. Cable tidies keep everything neat and in one place. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Check out the Monkey Cable Tidy – he hugs your wires together to keep them all in place.


If you use a laptop to work from, you need a good case to carry it around in. The Undercover Laptop Sleeve is designed to look like a secret dossier such as spies would use, adding a playful element to your travels.


Good time management and organizational skills are essential if you are to work productively. A notice board above the desk allows you to add handy reminders and memos. Black and Blum make one called the Time Square Blackboard. It is a magnetic rectangle which works as a magnet board or blackboard, and has a working analogue clock in the center so you can structure your reminders in order of the time they need achieving by.


Office chairs are one of the most important parts of any home office set up. They need to provide lumbar support, but can look pretty funky as well. The Chiro Plus has an ergonomic design but also comes in a choice of fifteen different colours, from bright to pastel, so you can choose one that suits your own office space.

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