5 Best Hospitals to Work for in 2013

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As new nurses and physicians look to break into the healthcare industry with plumb jobs, they will want to consider the best hospitals in the country. If they are able to work at one of these clinics, their jobs will surely be rewarding. While some people will be concerned about the geographic location of their place of employment, others will be concerned about the ranking of the department in which they will be working. Below is a list of the five best hospitals to work for in 2012.

1) Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Located in Chicago, this hospital is one of the best in the business. The hospital offers men and women excellent retirement benefits. In addition to working for one of the best medical institutions in the Midwest, employees will also receive tuition reimbursement.

This means that they can go back to school for an advanced degree without worrying about the cost of classes. In many cases, spouses will be entitled to the same benefits. This is just one of the ways that Northwestern Memorial Hospital is seeking to remain one of the top clinics in the country.

2) Massachusetts General Hospital

This hospital has been one of the preeminent institutions in the field for many years. In addition to excellent retirement packages and tuition benefits, the hospital has sought to build a staff that is widely diverse. It is especially interested in supporting women and minority scientists.

All staff members go through diversity training that allows them to be sensitive to issues that affect various demographic groups. Massachusetts General Hospital also provides generous same-sex benefits to couples. As such, the institution is leading the way toward equality in the workplace. It should remain near the top of the rankings list for many more years.

3) Johns Hopkins Hospital

Located in the heart of Baltimore, this hospital was specifically established by its founders to be the best in the medical field. Johns Hopkins runs an excellent mentor program that matches new employees with more experienced doctors and nurses.

In this way, recently hired men and women can more easily learn the proper protocol. Mentors are also available to answer any questions that young medical staff may have. Like many of the other great hospitals, Johns Hopkins offers wonderful benefit packages with a broad array of perks.

4) Emory University Hospital

Located in Atlanta, Emory University Hospital is dedicated to providing employees with ways to better themselves. Both diversity and education are important. Men and women who would like to go back to school at night or on the weekends are highly encouraged to do so.

Likewise, the hospital employs many dozens of military veterans. Individuals who have just come back from war zones will have a good chance of gaining employment at the university hospital. People from all ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life are encouraged to apply for positions that they are qualified for.

5) Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

This particular institution is known for its excellent management. Nurses and other medical staff members who perform well will be quickly rewarded. There are plenty of opportunities to move up the clinical ladder. The hospital is also located in a wonderfully enticing location in the Pacific Northwest.

People who love the wilderness will be able to head out into the forests of the region for some great hiking. The Columbia River is a central feature of the region and offers many great entertainment options.

In the end, the greatest hospitals in the country feature excellent work environments and eminently trained staff. Workers who find themselves at these institutions will quickly fall in love with their jobs. They can henceforth pursue careers that will bring them much satisfaction.

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