5 College Scholarships Over $20,000

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college studentCollege is a hefty expense for prospective students. However, in a strained economy, the quest for employment is becoming more and more competitive.

To have an edge, students need an advanced degree. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to earn money for college. Here are five promising college scholarships worth over $20,000.

The Marion Military Institute

For those who are headed in the direction of the military, they will truly be able to serve with pride after attending the Marion Military Institute, the Military College of Alabama.

There are a variety of scholarship opportunities available to make a quality education within reach for qualified students. Institutional scholarships include a Military High school Scholarship, Black Belt scholarship, Leadership scholarship, White Knights scholarship, and Band scholarship.

The Dean’s scholarship covers half of tuition for incoming freshmen, while the Presidential scholarship covers three quarters of tuition. MMI Foundation and ROTC scholarships are available as well.

Students may qualify for over $20,000 worth of scholarship money based on financial need, academic performance, extracurricular activities, and leadership qualities.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

For those with a scientific turn of thought, Worcester Polytechnic Institute is definitely worth consideration. All applicants will automatically be considered for various scholarship opportunities available at the college, except for the WPI FIRST Robotics Scholarship.

Students accepted into the college that so happen to be valedictorians or saludatorians are guaranteed at least $20,000 in scholarship money to be renewed each year of attendance. Presidential scholarships could be as high as $25,000.

The Marshall/Chavez/Means scholarship can also add up to $25,000 and is geared toward African-American, American-Indian, and Latino-American students. Chemistry and Biochemistry scholarships may be as high as $25,000. Pre-Medical scholars have an opportunity to earn $25,000.

National Merit, Hispanic Recognition, and National Achievement scholars are guaranteed a minimum of $20,000 with the potential for more. The National Consortium of Specialized Secondary School of Mathematics, Science and Technology scholarship is worth $40,000 over the course of four years of attendance.

The VEX scholarship, which concerns the Robotics program at WPI, has a grand prize scholarship of $80,000. WPI also offers enticement for military students with ROTC scholarships with the potential to cover full tuition costs, as well as room and board.

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

With an offer of $7200 a year for four years, this scholarship adds up to a respectable amount. Created to preserve the memory of the great Jackie Robinson, the foundation provides scholarship opportunities for disadvantaged African American students to give them a better chance for a bright future. Students are also required to perform community service as part of the package.

Hartwick College

Qualifying students can really write their own ticket at Hartwick College. They have a potential to earn as much as $92,000 over the course of four years of study with an academic scholarship.

The college makes the process simple, calculating potential award amounts without requiring students to apply for the scholarship. When combined with the Ad Altiora Achievement award for extracurricular involvement, students could actually be offered up to $108,000 throughout their entire time on campus.

The Thomas Moore College of Liberal Arts

Students who are excited about dabbling in a variety of subject matter can also earn respectable scholarship money. Thomas Moore College offers a low tuition as compared to other liberal arts colleges, and several scholarships with a first place prize of $30,000.

College is one of the largest expenses anyone will have in their life. These are just five of the largest scholarships, there are many others to help ease the burden of tuition. Smart students will be wise to take advantage of all available financial help to reduce their debt and expenses.

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