5 Outrageous Ways To Get Fired From Your Job

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Hundreds of people get fired from their jobs every single day. Some of them even WANT to get fired. But whatever you do in your workplace, don’t do what these people did.

Here are five of the wackiest and craziest reasons why people have been expediently marched to those doors marked ‘Exit’.

Doing A Poo On Your Bosses Desk

Yes, you read it correctly. This is exactly what somebody did. Can you imagine the bosses face? It has become so popular on the internet that people have thought of different names to call it.

‘Desk Deuce’ is a popular one – your boss has disappeared for ten minutes and you decide to take a poo in his top desk drawer, lock it and take away the key. ‘Crap desk’- the name says it all. There is even a name for doing a poo on somebody’s keyboard: ‘dirty qwerty’. Lovely.

Starting A Water Fight In The Office

This sounds like fun – but you can imagine everybody’s faces?  Imagine going into work with water balloons, ready to fill up (co-workers will think you actually have a bladder problem) and just launching the water bombs at everybody and everywhere.

Somebody went  further than that and, instead of bringing in water balloons, brought in a BUCKET.. you can imagine what happened next!

Insulting The Boss’s Wife

This is one of those awkward moments, especially if you don’t realise that the woman you are talking about is the bosses wife (or maybe you do).

Some people have said the rudest insults and, as they are saying them, the boss has been stood right behind them.  In this situation, there is no escape.  This is quite common at office and work parties, especially after a few alcoholic beverages have been imbibed

Having An Affair With The Bosses Wife (And Getting Caught In The Act)

Again, another really awkward moment and one nobody can get out of, especially if you’re caught red handed. Picture the scene:  the boss is coming home from a tired days work and catches one of his employees in bed with his wife.

It can only mean one thing – instant dismissal (after the person has put their pants back on, of course). All joking aside, this is actually becoming a common problem and the kind of overtime the boss definitely doesn’t want you to do.

Taking A Wee Outside Your Bosses Window

Another bodily function;  bit like pooing only milder. This person obviously could not be bothered going to the toilet, so decided to enter his bosses office (whilst his boss is still at his desk), opened the window and decided to empty his bladder. The people I most feel sorry for were the innocent passers-by down below when this incident happened.. “Is it raining?” Ummm….

If these are too wacky for you and you are wanting to be fired, why not try and steal all the commercial office supplies. And if that doesn’t work, you’ll still end up with abundant supply of stationery.

Have you got any other stories of outrageous ways people have got fired? Share in the comments.

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