5 Reasons Why Your Career Has Plateaued

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flat careerSooner or later, everyone will hit a stop light on their road to success.

However, if you seem to have completely stalled out, you may need a little push to get headed in the right direction again.

While many career plateaus are inevitable realities of the working world, others are clear indicators that something is wrong either with you or your company. Here are some common reasons for career plateaus.

1. Voluntary Plateau

Sometimes a person will not pursue career advancement due to life circumstances.

Perhaps this person has young children or aging parents that require a lot of time, and he or she may not be able to handle the increased demands and pressures of a promotion at this time.

In this case, the career plateau is a conscious choice that a person has made. If he is still stuck after he is ready to move up the career ladder, he should see if there is something else holding him back.

2. Company Plateau

The closer you get to the top of any given organization, the less often an opportunity for advancement will present itself. You cannot advance with your company when there are no vacancies in higher levels.

You will either have to move on to another company that can offer you more opportunities for advancement, or you will need to be patient.

3. Bad Reputation Plateau

You might be known for having a bad personality trait like whining too much, or you might be remembered for a famous disaster. Or, perhaps a coworker threw you under the bus for something that wasn’t your fault.

Whatever the reason for the damaged reputation, it can impede your advancement. Unless you can reinstate your good name, you won’t get very far.

4. Boredom Plateau

When you first started your job, you were probably brimming with excitement and energy as you tackled new challenges and gained new skills. Now you can do your job in your sleep, and it shows.

Even though you have years of experience, you get passed over for promotions in favor of newer hires who are still bubbling over with idealism. You need a renewed sense of drive to pull yourself out of a boredom plateau.

5. Skills Plateau

As technology advances, companies require new skills from their employees. If your skills are outdated, you will not advance. Or, perhaps you have already achieved the highest possible position with your current skills set.

If this is the case, you might have to receive additional training before you can move up the career ladder.

There are several reasons why your career might be stuck. Some are your fault while others are a result of circumstances beyond your control.

It is easy to live in denial and blame everyone around you for your own failures, so if your climb to success has reached a standstill, you need to seriously evaluate your performance. Sometimes it is helpful to get an outside opinion. A business success coach might be able to provide you with valuable insight about your career stall.

This post was contributed by R. Swingle, article writer for Success Strategy Partners.

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