5 Unexpected Questions In An Accounting Interview

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Accounting Interview QuestionsJobs in accounting are highly coveted because they pay quite handsomely and they will always be in demand as long as firms or businesses exist.

Just like with a majority of the jobs available anywhere in a corporate ladder, before you can get a job with your ideal employer, you will have to undergo an interview. Due to the economy that we are living in, the average job seeker will have undergone a total of 50 job interviews by the time they are 30 years old.

This means that the average job seeker will know some questions that they can expect to be faced with during their interview. There are however more and more companies that are realizing the need for questions during the interview that are not your average run of the mill questions.

The best way to answer these questions is to make sure that you understand that they present a problem and you will need a solution for that problem. Your answer should lead to the discussion of this solution. Below are 5 unexpected questions you can be faced with in an accounting interview.

1. If you are so sure that you are the right accountant for this job, why haven’t you found a job until now?

This is a question that is in a lot of interviews but in this case, it has been phrased to give that unexpectedness that throws you off balance. The interviewer has already looked at your credentials and knows what you are capable of and what you are not.

They know it is a tough economical time and it is not easy to get a job. The problem presented in this question is not why you haven’t been working. Rather, it is still a matter of why you think you are the right person for that post in that particular firm.

The best answer to this question would be to state how you have seen many similar job posts advertised but you are being selective and have finally found the ideal place.

2. Which other jobs or companies have you applied to?

This unexpected question yet again presents the problem of whether or not you are serious about the accounting position you are applying to and the company as well. A majority of interviewees will assume that it is only about the company.

Giving an answer like you also tried to apply for a managing job in the same firm is worse than saying you applied for an accounting job with a different firm. It shows that accounting may not be where you focus lies.

3. What do you think of me as the interviewer?

Once again remember that interview questions pose a problem that has to be solved. This is an unexpected question because the interview is for you and not the interviewer. A lot of interviewees are thus not assessing the interviewer during the interview. This question is posed to see your assessment skills which are imperative in accounting.

Accountants have to identify discrepancies and resolve them. Give an honest answer that shows your assessment and solving skills without coming across as offensive.

4. What do you think is our biggest weakness?

The reason this question is so unexpected is due to the fact that once again the interviewee thought the questions will be all about them and not the company. This question is in fact about the interviewee. It is posed to find out whether you did any pre-interview research on the employing firm before coming in for the interview.

5. Which individual in this world do you admire the most?

This question can be posed in any interview and not only for accounting jobs. The aim of this question is not really to find out whom you admire the most but to find out what it is you admire the most about them. Your answer should be a person that will show your aspirations or qualities that you are striving for.

Interview questions for jobs in accounting can be quite tricky sometime. You should always be well prepared for unexpected questions. A good and appropriate reply will impress the interviewer and help you find your dream accounting job.

If you think you’re ready to take the new steps, start applying for different accounting jobs in your area.  There are many job sites that provide the latest accounting opportunities.

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