5 Ways to Enhance Your Physical Therapy Practice

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You may be surprised to hear that many of the factors influencing the success of your physical therapy practice have little to do with the quality of the physical therapy provided. Yes, it is a key factor, however many other factors contribute to the patient experience and are just as important for building a successful practice.

These include communication, waiting time for appointments, billing, and the cleanliness and comfort of your office. If your practice is not doing as well as anticipated in terms of repeat appointments and word-of mouth referrals, it is perhaps worth analyzing some of these factors, and considering implementing a specialist physical therapy documentation system to help your practice run more efficiently. Read on for five basic tips that could help enhance your practice.

  • Reduce waiting time in your practice

Practices that consistently run behind with appointment times will often lose customers to their more efficient counterparts. Consider implementing a communication plan to remind customers of their appointment times, and a strict policy for dealing with patients who turn up late. You may lose one or two disgruntled patients but the benefit to the rest of your patients will far outweigh this.

  • Review your billing process

Inaccurate or late can be incredibly frustrating for patients, often causing problems with their insurance companies. Keeping your billing system up-to-date and accurate will help you to maintain a good relationship with your patients.

  • Communicate with your patients

Anyone embarking on a course of physical therapy is likely to be anxious about the process and about the outcome of the treatment. Detailed communication puts patients at ease and helps to ensure a positive experience. If they understand their treatment they are more likely to adhere to a treatment plan, and are also likely to talk about their experience and recommend your services.

  • Ensure your office and waiting area are clean and comfortable

Your reception area is the first impression people have of your practice, and should be welcoming and comfortable Consider fresh flowers or plants, comfortable seating and reading materials. To build trust with patients, your office should always be meticulously clean.

  • Consider investing in EMR software

We have touched on the importance of good communication, accurate billing and managing time-keeping to the success of a physical therapy practice. EMR (electronic medical record) software can be a key tool in managing these and other aspects of your practice. A good physical therapy practice relies heavily on documentation. EMR software automates many processes allowing for better communication. It has been proven to help increase revenue and grow practices and any initial investment in terms of time and cost is likely to be offset over time if used correctly.

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