7 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring the Most Qualified Candidates

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Are you tired of hiring employees that aren’t as qualified as you thought they were? Then you need to rethink your recruiting and hiring method. The following are just seven tips for recruiting and hiring the most qualified employees.

Consider What You Want and Don’t Want From an Employee

Whether you’re replacing an employee, filling a new position, or adding staff members, you need to consider what you want from an employee. If you’re replacing an employee that was fired, make sure to note why you fired him and what to avoid with the next employee.

Write a Thorough Job Description

One reason businesses often get applicants who aren’t qualified is that they didn’t write a thorough job description. You want to explain the level of education and experience you want, what you want the employee to be experienced doing, and a brief explanation of what is expected.

Prepare a List of Interview Questions

It’s important to have a list of questions to make an interview move more smoothly and to make sure a potential employee is qualified. Ask the same questions with each interviewee and spend time getting the answers. If an employee doesn’t provide the right answers, move on.

Screen Resumes

You can save a lot of time by screening resumes. Compare the resume to the job description. If the candidate doesn’t seem like a good fit, move on. There’s no sense in wasting more time with an interview.

Do Background Checks

Another tip that can save you a lot of time is to do background checks. By calling previous employers you can get an impression of the quality of work the candidate provides. It’s also important to check and see if a candidate has the education she claims by following up with the school listed.

Conduct Phone Interviews

Once you’ve narrowed down the list to a few key candidates, you can do phone interviews to further screen the potential employees. Again, this will save you a lot of time and can help you better decide which candidate is the best of the best.

Test Employee Skills

When a potential employee comes in for the actual interview, have a little test to see if they can handle the job. For example, if you’re hiring someone to respond to customer complaints over the phone, have an employer call the office and do a fake complaint. See how the potential employee handles the situation. If he panics, he may not be the best candidate.

It may seem difficult to find the best employees, but these tips really can help you cut the herd so that the best candidates stand out.

This is a guest post.   Armand Heitland works in the human resources department of a manufacturing firm. He spends a great deal of time using recruitment management software to manage applications and streamline the entire hiring process.

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