A Dirty Job With Sweet Rewards

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One of the many ways to gauge the heath of a country is by looking at its economy. The economy is driven by many different factors including the variety of jobs available in the nation. In the United Sates there are quite a few different types of jobs people can choose from.

Some are super glamorous, think of the lights of Hollywood. Some are everyday jobs that have the potential to gain a lot of attention, like police officers or firefighters. Then there are the dirty jobs. These are positions that do not gain much media attention, but are still important in the overall picture.  One of these career choices is becoming a beekeeper.

Types of Beekeeping

Beekeeping is a career that is very much a flexible field to enter. Anyone who is willing to learn can become a beekeeper. It doesn’t matter if it is an adolescent who wants to grow up with the skills or an older person who has retired, but wants to stay active. It is also an activity that is very much adaptable to anyone’s living conditions meaning you do not have to live in a certain type of environment to be successful.

Urban beekeeping can prove to be beneficial and challenging at the same time. In the localities where it is allowed, it gives keepers the chance to have a hive without the required amount of green space.

One major city that has recently started to allow keeping within city limits is New York City.  However, the challenge to such an operation in urban areas is to educate neighbors not to view bees as a threat or a nuisance.

Traditionally, beekeeping is an activity carried on outside of city limits; more rural locations allow for larger hives and more room in which to harvest them.  Having green space also allows for backyard beekeeping if the keeper is interested in a smaller hive. This type of keeping can benefit your garden as well as the bees will keep it well pollinated.

Beekeeping Supplies

As you can imagine, an activity that involves working with swarms of honeybees requires some specialized beekeeping supplies. These are meant to both protect the keeper and aid the colony during production.

Benefits of Beekeeping

The health benefits of honey are well known. It can be used for many things including medications and beauty treatments. A hidden benefit for keepers may be relaxation. For more on these and other benefits check this out.

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