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Once can advertise your product or service in numerous ways, the most common that spring to mind are: radio adverts, television commercials and fliers handed out at robots. However, these are heavily dependent on the characteristics of a person.

For instance, a person that drives to work in the day has a decision to make: do they drive in silence or with music. The music could come in the form of a cd, iPod or radio. Therefore, if you decide to target a person via a radio advert, you need to take into all those considerations. In the same sense, targeting people via television commercials depends on a variety of factors – times they watch television, do they mute the adverts and are they honestly listening?

Therefore advertisers are forced to use different methods to communicate their message to the target group. Once way is by taking the advertising to your customer. So instead of targeting them via the common methods, why not use a different type of marketing?

Using signage boards such as: Pylons, shopfront signage, lightbox signage, peripheral signage and cladding can assist you in reaching your target market.

Number One – Pylons

Pylon signs are freestanding sign with visible support structures or with a support structure that is enclosed with a pole cover , this is one of the most effective forms of advertising, as it is so visible – how can you miss a twelve foot high board displaying logo’s, images and call-to-action information.

Number Two – Shopfront Signage

A shopfront signage board offers one a fantastic opportunity to display the company to the passing vehicles and pedestrians. This type of signage is the first look a customer gets of your brand and could make or break the first time impression.

Number Three – Lightbox Signage

Lightbox signage not only improves visibility of your corporate brand, but also reinforces the brand image and allows you to display your signage effectively at night. These signs use LED lighting, ensuring minimal expense in keeping the sign well lit. Furthermore, lightbox signage comes in 3-D form to increase its effectiveness.

Number Four – Peripheral Signage

Most commonly used at gas and petrol stations, to ensure that customers choose the correct grade. These peripheral signage products are also used at POP (point of purchase) displays to differentiate between the different products.

Number Five – Cladding

Cladding can enhance your company’s image with its design and green appeal. Cladding is a covering or coating of the buildings materials and designed with payers of metal composite materials (aluminium, stainless steel, zinc or titanium) with a thermoplastic core – this insolation ensures that your building temperature is continuously regulated; further reducing the need to use other means to cool or warm the building.

In conclusion, using different types of signage enables you to target your market in a slightly different manner. Ensure that you make use of signage to enhance your brand and the awareness surrounding your brand.

This is a guest post.  I am Greg Jones- a property expert, adventure, food junkie, gym lover and sports nut. When I needed to shop around for signage suppliers for my company’s outside signage, I found that lightbox signage was perfect for me, as it displayed my logo 24/7.  

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