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hairdressing-skirtIn today’s economic climate unemployment is still a huge problem and finding a steady job, or some extra income, is a pressure in many people’s lives.

If you have hairdressing experience, or are thinking about a career in the trade, then you may wonder what you can do to make some money whilst making a name for yourself in the industry.

Mobile hairdressing could be the ideal route for you to take and it’s far simpler to get started than you might have imagined.

Getting your hands on some quality hairdressing equipment is the first obstacle you will need to overcome. Bear in mind that when you’re searching for the perfect scissors, cutting collars or tool holders, that these will form part of your overall image and therefore your clients are likely to judge you based on your choices.

Great tools will make a wonderful impression during your work, giving your customers the encouragement to praise to services to their friends or family – which is great for building your brand.

People are always in search of the best value for money and it is often assumed that mobile hairdressers are cheaper than a salon hairdresser due to their lack of overhead costs. Your clients will also be concerned that you will be substituting more expensive hair products used in salons for cheaper supermarket brands, and it will be up to you to decide how you are going to equip yourself.

It’s worth remembering that women aren’t simply looking for a haircut, they want to feel pampered too, and so investing in some higher quality shampoos and conditioners will give clients more reasons to use your services again in the future.

Define Your Travel Locations And Your Intended Clientele

While using the bus to commute to work would normally be hugely beneficial, if you have your own transport then you will be at a distinct advantage as a mobile hairdresser. A car will enable you to reach your clients quicker as well as allowing you to travel further from your home to reach a larger number of customers.

Make sure you start to think about the kinds of people you want to target as a mobile hairdresser and who will bring you the most business, as this will definitely get you ahead of the game.

Older women who aren’t as mobile, new mothers who have responsibilities at home and brides who don’t want to be rushing around on their big day are great additions to your collection of clients, but don’t forget about those people who don’t finish work until after the salons have shut. Covering a broad customer base will give you the biggest chance of success as a mobile hairdresser.

You may assume that as a mobile hairdresser you’ll only be visiting other people’s houses. In reality you should also be looking for contracts from public services such as hospitals, the army or even prisons, which will provide you with a guaranteed income on top of your casual clients.

Building Your Business With Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to acquiring new customers. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to increase your client list, but it’s worth remembering that bad news travels even faster than positive reviews. Be under no illusion – if you don’t provide a quality service then the web will soon know about it, so make sure you are committed to being the best hairdresser you can be.

During the early days of your Facebook page and Twitter profile, hounding your friends to like, follow and share your pages will help in significantly increasing the number of people who learn about your new mobile hairdressing business. It’s been proven that people are more likely to trust a recommendation if it’s from a friend, so the more people you can get talking about your business the better.

Know Your Area And Your Competitors

It’s important to learn about what deals your competitors are offering and this includes both salons and other mobile hairdressers. This is particularly important when it comes to putting a price on your services. For example, a cut, wash and blow dry for around £20 tends to be the standard price and in order to be competitive you’ll have to be able to pitch in this price range.

One of the shortfalls of mobile hairdressing is that you may feel like you’re not keeping up to date with the current style trends. In this instance, the Freelance Hair and Beauty Federation could be a worthwhile membership for you to consider. For £55 a year you’ll get access to news updates, training courses and many other benefits.

To increase your revenue you’ll want to come up with some offers to put on business cards or your social networking pages. Offers that are provide the best prices and encourage more people to book are a brilliant way of getting more clients which you will hopefully then retain going forward.

Make Sure You’re Covered In Your New Business

Unfortunately, becoming a mobile hairdresser isn’t as simple as just picking up pair of scissors. You’ll need public liability insurance before you visit the home of any clients, as well as your hairdressing or barbers license.

Furthermore, if you intend to use your own home as a salon you’ll need to have a risk assessment completed beforehand and any electrical equipment which is over a year old and is not covered by a manufacturers guarantee will need to be PAT tested and barcoded.

The convenience of becoming choosing your own working hours as a mobile hairdresser is just one of many benefits you’ll receive if you decide to take the plunge. Not only this, but becoming mobile is significantly cheaper than renting buildings, rooms and chairs for your appointments, while the insurance and license portion for mobile hairdressing shouldn’t break the bank.

You’ll have a bigger control of your day-to-day life, and, as your own boss, you’ll also be in greater control of your income. The more you put yourself out there the more rewards you’ll reap and you’ll find yourself visiting a range of different individuals with no two days the same, so why not take control of your future and consider the life of a mobile hairdresser?

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A former salon hairdresser who has now gone mobile, Laura Watson from beauty storage specialists Roo Beauty is determined to help others who want to explore this exciting career choice.


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