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The New Brand FormulaA strong brand is built on truth and credibility. It’s also believable and relevant to the consumer who comes in contact with it. Whether your brand is to put into place a new company or re-brand a business globally due to the change in economic conditions, you need a brand strategy that is proven and combines your own special promise and attributes.

Research and Development

Dependent on your specific business challenges, you need to implement various methods of strategies to determine value and strength. Several of the methods can include assessment on the image of your brand, access to your Internet site, competitive analysis, tracking your ads and testing the name and validating it. Most people use traditional methodology when looking at the brand, but it takes a critical eye to look at it from the inside out.

This can be done by assessing the management of the company, their employees, and the channels of distribution. It can also determine underlying business related issues that may affect the brand’s success. In order for you to improve your businesses marketability, you will need to implement ways to heighten your level of communication.

The Construction of Your Brand

The brand’s architecture structure should also be identified appropriately in order to help your business understand its various functions and departments. Several factors to consider include the function and role of the various Parent Brands, Ingredient Brands, Endorsed Brands, and the one’s that stand alone.


To understand the brand fully and to give it life, you need to create its own version from the ground up. This can be done by focusing on the core functions of a business, doing competitive research and implementing the best foundation for this plan.

This can then set the stage for the process that follows with naming or renaming your businesses brand, placing an identity to it, employing visual and verbal functions, as well as the guidelines and graphic standards that go with the brand.


In order for your business brand to achieve success, it must appear believable, relevant and be able to stand on its own. It should also stand for something by claiming the highest level of achievement. Some examples can include Nikes standard of performance, Energizer batteries base theirs on longevity and Volvo’s own brand signifies safety. Finding the right position for your brand can help consumers relate when you own your own word.

Brand mapping can also help your business realize your own specific attributes by taking into consideration the position of your brand and analyzing the opportunities to reach your targeted audience. Once this has been achieved, everyone in your company will be able to understand your business brand and relay it to others in a clear and concise manner.

No matter what your businesses industry or category that it belongs in, your brand position should clearly differentiate you from the competition. It should also help you achieve the highest level of potential growth and success through your company’s brand.

Lisa Coleman shares the importance of marketing and branding a business for growth and success of the company. She recently viewed how important brand strategy and development is to achieve such success.

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