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All of you need is a carry on bag.

Traveling for business should not be more stressful than your actual job. When you have to travel for an important meeting, you need to worry about your presentation not your suitcase. This stress, however, can be avoided with some planning and a few simple steps.

#1. Consult Your Schedule

This is an obvious one. Your itinerary will dictate your packing list. Are you attending a meeting? Are you playing a round of golf? Check your schedule and decide what you will need for each activity.

#2. Expect to Reuse Items

Unless it’s very hot, that shirt you wore to the meeting will probably be fine to wear to dinner. If you’re going to be in an air conditioned office all day, you can expect to do things like wear a pair of pants again or wear the same shirt all day long.

#3. Mix & Match

Make sure your clothes can be mixed together to create multiple outfits. This means that the clothing you bring with you will probably all be basics within the same, neutral color family. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to actually have a completely unique and complicated outfit for each day of a trip. To help create the illusion of a large wardrobe, you will need to use accessories. For ladies, this means jewelry, brooches, and scarves. For men, this means ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. By switching your accessories and shirt, no one will notice that you’ve repeated a suit or a pair of pants.

#4. Pack Light

A business trip is not the time to pack like a diva. Only pack what you will definitely need and an extra shirt and extra clean underwear in case you’re delayed. Everything should fit into one carry-on bag. You do not want to waste time checking bags and waiting for your luggage after a flight. If you only have a carry on, you can get in the cab line while everyone else is waiting for their bags. If you’re short on time, this can mean the difference between getting to your meeting on time and missing it.

#5. Be Ready for Security

Everyone hates to get stuck behind the idiot with too many liquids, knee-high lace up boots, and a ton of metal jewelry. Don’t be that idiot. Be ready for security. Have your single quart sized plastic bag with your 3.4 ounce or smaller liquids ready for security. Also, do not wear your most complicated pair of shoes through security. You should have a pair that is easy to slip on and off. Plus, remove anything that might set off the alarm. This way, you can get through security as quickly and easily as possible.  If you’re not sure what to expect at security, you can always go to the TSA website and see what the current rules are.

With a little planning, your trip should go smoothly, freeing you to focus on the important stuff.


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