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typing-on-laptopSo you want to earn a college degree but you aren’t sure which way to go. Choosing a degree can be tough with long term consequences. Maybe you have a creative side you want to fulfill as well.

If so journalism could be for you. We have looked at jobs in literature and photojournalism; now let’s look at jobs with a degree in journalism.

As long as there is news in the world somebody will need to be around to report, write and comment on it. Maybe you picture journalism as hitting the streets looking for the next big scoop. Or maybe you picture being a crime reporter with a list of seedy informants. While you could do that there are plenty of other options such as public relations, broadcasters and editors. Let’s look at them now.

Public Relations

A PR specialist has a wide range of responsibilities. You could be answering inquiries, writing speeches or press releases or escorting clients to a media event. You may have to actually plan and manage a media event as well.

Basically your job is to be the contact point between your client and the media. Many live near large cities where most businesses have their bases. Many live in Los Angeles or New York where they can work for celebrities and the entertainment industry. It can be a stressful but fun job for the right person.


Journalism majors can also go into broadcasting. This can be as a producer, video editor, internet producer, assistant, news analyst, announcer, program director or even an engineer. The worlds of TV and radio both have need of such jobs.

As internet only broadcasting and You Tube channels emerge these jobs are opening up  and the field is expanding even more. Due to the fact certain positions can be rather glamorous there can be a lot of competition for certain positions. You will definitely need a university degree.

Writing and Editing

Writing and editing are the bread and butter of the journalism industry. This is one of the few journalistic fields that see’s consistent and steady growth. There exists a wide range of potential writers that include: novelists, copy editors, news correspondents, technical writers and even script writers. Granted the more creative rolls such as novelist can be hard to break into it can be very rewarding if you do.

Another advantage is that with modern technology many in these positions are able to work from home or if you prefer, a quaint coffee shop on the beach. Once again a degree, while not mandatory, will definitely help you get an edge over the competition.  In fact many editors start their careers as writers and work their way up to senior positions.

Journalism can be a fun and creative degree for those who like to write. Check with an accredited online university for available courses.

This is a guest post.  Jeff Jordan writes in lives in Southern California. He writes about a variety of topics including automobiles and colleges such as Trident University.

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