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real estate agentMemberships in practicing Real Estate Sales has been on the rise since 2002.

The field of Real Estate sales offers an endless possibility of earned income, however, it takes dedication to succeed, and the first step is getting into Real Estate classes.

Where are Real Estate classes offered?

Shop around in the location of where you live to see who has the best classes available to fit your needs.

Community colleges typically offer courses in the continuing education department.

You can also call around to different real estate companies to see what they have to offer at their location.   Obtaining a real estate license generally requires the same classes whether they are offered through the colleges  or the  real estate companies.

What are the basic requirements to obtain a license?

While different states require a different number of classroom hours, most generally the curriculum is very comparable.  The typical requirements include:

–Principles of Real Estate

–Law of Agency

–Laws of Contracts

–Promulgated Contracts

Again, depending on the state in which you reside, or will be selling real estate, the class room hours will vary in this curriculum.

Do I have to attend the classes in person?

No. Online real estate courses are available in this field to accommodate the people who cannot commit to a set classroom schedule.

Whether it is because you live too far from the classroom location, or if you have an existing job and getting to the classes on time is the issue, you may want to check into taking classes online.

If you are a disciplined and independent person, this route may be perfect for you.  Being able to obtain a lot of information and with studying hard independently, you can complete courses in two weeks, as seen on Purvis Real Estate Institute.

Crash courses in real estate are also offered in most places.  If you can dedicate yourself to a 40 hour week of classes, you may be able to complete the program in one week!

What do I do after completing the classes?

After completing the necessary requirements, and passing the Real Estate exam at the end, you must file an application for your license.

You can usually do this online by scanning your education documents electronically and then by sending in your application fee by mail.  Fees for license will also depend on which particular state you live in.

A background check and fingerprints are usually required as well.  Check with the real estate board within the state you live to find out how to proceed with this step.

Are there any other costs in starting up this business?

Yes.  Besides the cost of the courses, and the application fees, you will need to set aside some extra cash to get up and running in your new profession.

These additional costs would include real estate dues, Multiple Listing Service dues and marketing fees such as business cards, signs and any other advertisements.

With a little bit of time invested in classes, and a little bit of money for upfront fees and additional costs, you can start selling real estate and there will be no limits to what your future may hold for you!

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