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I Need a College Degree for That

Odd college degrees for certain types of career positions indeed exist. While many of today’s fields require that you have a college degree, there are a few that would no doubt surprise you. These are not only positions that you would never assume require that much education as well as those you might not even realize exist at all. Some of these jobs are exotic in nature, while others are quite unassuming.

There is a career field in food sciences that is called an ice cream taster. While this might seem like a dream job for children and the biggest sweet tooth, this position requires that you hold a Master’s degree. The average salary for an ice cream taster is approximately $56,000 per year. The degree costs $20,800.

There is a vast misconception about librarians. While many people think it is an easy job to obtain, this is certainly not true as it requires a Master’s degree in library sciences. The degree itself costs $27,500 and the average salary that a librarian takes home is $58,500.

A revenue agent doesn’t exactly have an exotic ring to it as the professional who obtains this job is dealing with taxes all the time. The degree that is required for this position is a Master of Science in taxation, which costs around $21,000. If you land yourself this particular career, you can expect an average salary of $49,360.

While a puppeteer doesn’t make that much of a salary at only $28,000 per year, the field requires a degree. You will need a Master of Arts in puppetry, which costs an unbelievable $59,000.

Horseracing is a very popular sport. Naturally, it requires people who are passionate about it to do the work that comes along with it. A horseracing track manager needs a Master of Science with racetrack management certificate, and the degree costs $43,980. The average salary for this position sits at around $55,000.

Another fun career position is a bowling alley manager, who might occasionally get the chance to shoot a few games themselves. A Master of Professional Studies in sports industry management is needed and costs $34,000. However, the salary is only $34,857.

Not surprisingly, jobs are requiring more degrees these days. It is predicted that through 2020, 21.7 percent of career fields will require that employees have a Master’s degree. It is believed that 19.9 percent will need people who hold doctorates and 16.5 percent with a Bachelor’s degree.

Meanwhile, at this point in time, 18 percent of adults age 25 or older hold a Bachelor’s degree and only 10.4 percent of these individuals have a Master’s degree or a doctorate.

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