Cubicle Courtesy

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Cubicle Courtesy

Being too loud is the fastest way to irritate your cubicle neighbors.

Cubicles have been a part of the workplace for decades. So, for decades, people have had problems with their cubicle mates. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced this. There’s a TMI guy and a loud, annoying woman in every office. So, for cubicle dwellers everywhere, here is a guide to cubicle courtesy.

Dial Down the Volume

One of the biggest complaints from workers in offices with an open floor plan is the noise level. There are so many ways to generate noise that even the quietest person makes a little bit. Some things, such as the noise from typing or opening a drawer, are inevitable. However, what really bothers most people are co-workers that are unnecessarily loud.

If you’re in a cubicle environment, make sure you’re not being loud and distracting to your co-workers. Yes, you do have to type, take phone calls, and speak to other people but, you can do this in the most respectful way possible. Remember when you were in school, and the school librarian would speak to you? You could hear her but, she spoke quietly. When you’re in a cubicle, channel your inner high school librarian. Chances are, this volume is fine for most tasks. If you have to do anything louder, such as take a conference call, look for a private space. Most workplaces have an empty conference room or an empty office where these things can happen.

Another way to lower the volume is to cut down on the chitchat. Use your breaks and lunch to have personal conversations and to take personal calls. This will help your work area to be quieter.

Check Your Personal Life at the Door

Another point of cubicle courtesy is to not make your co-workers uncomfortable. So, don’t have personal conversations in a communal area. Of course, it is inevitable that you will have to take a quick call from a friend or family member but, make sure to keep the call short and the subject matter neutral. It’s not a big deal if your co-workers overhear you ask your spouse to pick up a gallon of milk. But, it is a big deal if your co-workers overhear you and your spouse fighting about an email from an exgirlfriend. You never want to end up as the subject of office gossip.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

In a shared workspace, everyone has to do their part of keep things clean. Many people believe that the cleaning crew should do everything but, this is usually not true. In most offices, the cleaning crew does not touch your desk. So, it’s up to you to clean and organize your own desk. Make sure you do this. No one wants to be forced to stare at a dirty, disorganized desk all day.

In addition to making sure that your desk is neat and organized, take the time to do little cleaning tasks, such as dusting your desk and wiping down your phone and keyboard. Your cubicle mates will appreciate your efforts to maintain a clean work environment.

For most people, working from a cubicle is not their ideal work environment. However, by following a few basic rules of courtesy, working from a cubicle can be a more enjoyable experience for all.

What points of cubicle courtesy are most important to you?



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