Does the Government Generate Graduates?

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Recent years saw growing governmental dictates over schools. No Child Left Behind (IDEA), and other legislation relating to education was touted as a way to save education. What happened?

Since the passage of IDEA, graduation rates are down. America no longer leads in academic testing. American students are falling behind their global peers in the subjects of math and science at alarming rates. The number of students graduating without reading skills keeps rising.

Government has moved into school. Results are not good. Better, more experienced teachers are leaving the profession in droves. Violence in schools is on the rise as evidenced by recent shootings. The education of our children is at stake. It was not so long ago that government was not so involved in education.

The state of education was much better then. Compare the graduation rates, global standings, and employment upon graduation rates of 50 years ago to today. Such a process results is proof the government needs to get out of schools.



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