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Ever wondered which factor is most essential in ensuring continuous growth in your career? Is it education, extra-curricular activities or overall industry situation? It is by all means “Work Experience”. A good degree or educational background may land you in a job but it is your experience on the job that really defines your future position. If you have less duration of experience in a field then the pace of your growth remains slow. If you have years of experience in a field of work then you are likely to be regarded for a big jump in your career.

Many individuals very often complain about being in a stagnant position. Some of them usually start considering switching to other companies while the others are told to get further education in order to earn a promotion. Even in the case of switching, various people need to have additional educational credentials in order to land in the desired job. Since everyone is getting busier day by day, it is rather a very difficult or task to take the rigor of studies with employment. This problem can now be solved by acquiring degrees, diplomas or other certificates and credits on the basis of work experience.

There are a number of educational institutions which offer such facilities and to add to the convenience of the students, these services are available online. So we can commend the internet revolution for facilitating almost every area of life. Now we can actually incorporate value addition in our work experience by adding relevant educational credentials in our resumes.

The common person may ask that how such an easy procedure is possible as education has always been difficult to acquire. I find the one explanation for this i.e. education is not about going through rigorous coursework and attending scheduled classes but rather it is about learning new things and finding answers for new problems.

If we have already learned a lot from our jobs then we don’t need to repeat the same concepts and solutions in a university setting. We only need to make it as influential as possible. Of course if you really have a strong grasp in a particular field then there would be no hindrance in answering the tough questions, provided that they are asked in your interview.

Most often people are not even called to an interview because of having less educational documents in their CVs, whereas, some organizations give more value to the work experience that is mentioned. But in this tight job market where competition is increasing day by day, we can’t take any chances, can we?

So the time is ripe to make your prime asset (work experience) shine with a lacquer of relevant educational credentials.

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