Elements to Include in a Job Application Process

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resume_tipsWhen you start the job application process, many are overwhelmed with problems in landing a position in organizations and as a matter of fact, great candidates settle down for something below their competence simply because unemployment is at an all time high.

But there are many opportunities everywhere and it’s all about looking at the right place at the right time and grabbing it quickly.

Applying might be a mind-numbing process, but with focus and persistence, a good job is not impossible.  It’s a matter of finding one that matches your competence, education level and personality.

Personality to some degree plays a huge part, such as a reserved person might not be a good salesperson. The following steps need to be taken in the course of a job application:

Fitting the Criteria:

Education level acquired by many are different, some have a Bachelor’s degree while others might have Master’s.

It varies from person to person and the college studied from might also be different. This has a huge impact on the resume one has and should be matched when looking for a job. The first thing to look at a job vacancy for a position is that whether one fits the education criteria the organization has asked for.

Different jobs have different type of requirements and expertise level. Many require a professional experience in the related field which should be taken into account as well. Positions applied for higher in organization have requirements of higher number of years as their jobs are quite critical and includes heavy experience needs.


Your resume is the first thing that a employer views and without a good resume, no one is going to give a second look or give benefit of doubt that one might be actually a worthy person for the job.

This is the most critical part and thus should be done by giving utter dedication and time. There are many different formats that can help showcase your credentials in a better light.  There are many resume examples on the internet that can help you with this process.

Not all of them will be great, so you should view a couple before deciding on which format to choose. The standard includes some basics of the person’s personal profile, education, experience and skills. The more information one can add briefly, the more you will increase your chances impressing the employer.

Online searching:

Hundreds of organizations have their own websites through which they recruit their employers.

Posting the resume is the simplest thing to do on the websites and whenever a vacancy opens up that matches the details of your profile, they will be called for interviews. This is a much easier process for everyone because it saves time.

You can even apply online into foreign countries in multi-nationals or any other desired organizations. This allows the person to get exposure and when such many applications are given, one is bound to get an opening somewhere or the other.

Walk in interviews:

Employers often believe that a resume might not be enough for them and calling too many candidates at one time might be hard to handle. Thus, they offer walk in interviews in which people looking for a job comes in, hands over the resume and leaves.

This short interview gives the employers a chance to view the people and judge them through it. They often choose poorly because not everyone has the experience to judge people accurately by merely looking at them or talking for a few seconds.

This is an opportunity you should take very seriously and going in well dressed and prepared to impress an employer. First impression holds a lot of weight in walk in interviews.

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