Elevator Installers And The Work They Do

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A career that has been around for more than a hundred years and is still very fascinating is that of an elevator installer. One of the most used inventions of all time, the elevator has changed the way buildings are built and the way that mankind climbs to the stars.

Before the Installation

The actual building of the elevator unit begins well before the elevator installer ever arrives. As a building is being constructed, the elevator shaft and the engine room are created and many times the engines that run the elevator are brought in during the construction of the building itself.

The framework itself that the elevator rides in is created to during the construction phase of the building and then the rest of building is created around the framework. Once the finished building is in place the elevator installer begins their work. The first and foremost consideration from the first step forward is safety.


The safety of the elevator installers and the passengers of the elevator are always the highest consideration. There are several braking systems that hold the elevator down. It is actually interesting that the brakes keep the elevator from shooting upward rather than falling.

The elevator car is connected via a pulley system to two counterweights that lift the elevator upward. The braking systems and the motor controls push and pull downward against the weight of these counterweights. If the elevator car is left to its own accord it would shoot upward to the top of the shaft.

A Top Down Job

If an elevator car must be added to a preexisting construct, it is usually lowered in from the roof. The other option for elevator installers is to construct the elevator car within the shaft itself. This is the equivalent of building a car right on the roadway.

Elevator installers work within the shaft itself with very little room around the elevator car. It is easily one of the most fascinating jobs in the world. Provided that all of the safety procedures are in place, there is very little that can happen that will cause serious injury.

It is a rare occasion that the work of an elevator installer is not done at the very top and the very bottom of the shaft. There is really nothing that will need to be done halfway in between. The pulley systems at the top will need to be installed at the top of the shaft, while the car itself will be constructed at the bottom.

The last part of the entire system will be to link the pulley system and the car with multiple cables. Besides the braking system, the cable system is the other system that has multiple redundant systems for safety. Most elevators have three or more systems of brakes and more than three systems of cables.

This means that it would take more than six systems to fail, all at the same time and all at the worst possible moment for there to be even the slightest possibility of injury. More than one hundred years of testing and experience goes with every new installation of every elevator in this day and time.

An elevator installer has one of the best jobs in the world. They work on a system that carries as many, if not more, people in a common workday than automobiles. The nest time that you step into an elevator, imagine the hours and days of work that went into making your short trip to the top possible. The elevator makes it possible for buildings that could not have been built otherwise.

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