Facebook Etiquette to Consider at the Office

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facebook-at-workWe all know the dangers of using Facebook at work, as well as making remarks on our wall posts that will likely be viewed by colleagues and bosses alike, and often this has lead to people being fired or suspended from the positions.

Facebook etiquette is not adhered to by many people and if they simply stuck to a few simple rules they could avoid the harsh realities that come with such open social platforms. Some Facebook etiquette rules that will make life easier for you, and avoid embarrassment for others.

Private Settings

Your Facebook profile is private, so it’s suggested that you use the privacy setting. It does not mean to say that if you post something on your wall it won’t be seen. Just ensure your postings remain out of the workplace.

Profile Photos

Pictures of you downing shots of alcohol may be a reminder of a great night with friends, but many bosses don’t appreciate it and to save yourself from having to come up with an explanation later on rather avoid it altogether. Clients also have a tendency to look at the Facebook profiles of company staff, and Facebook etiquette dictates that you take this into account.

Sick Leave

Calling in sick and then sitting on Facebook all day does not well to get you into the boss’ good books. Facebook etiquette means showing your boss that you are not taking sick leave as a joke to recover from a party the night before.

It’s best to avoid social networks if you’re off ill. Yes, it can sometimes be difficult because you’re trying to pass the time while ill, but bosses don’t always see things that way, so avoid it altogether.

Avoid Facebook During Office Hours

Sometimes the best proper Facebook etiquette is just to avoid the platform altogether when you’re at work. Many companies prefer that their staff don’t go onto Facebook at all during office hours, while others allow it during lunch hours. If you’re going to go onto Facebook when you’re company forbids it, then consider that it’s one rule that may get you sacked if you’re found out.

Facebook is an excellent platform for socialising and communicating but the sad fact is that many people have been fired because they’ve posted pictures from work, or said something offensive about their bosses or colleagues. Simple Facebook etiquette will go a long way to preventing rather than curing avoidable work challenges.

This is a guest post.  Vida Denning is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on a variety of topics. Her research into office space in singapore and the different etiquette preferred amongst international companies, peaked her interest in social platforms and work.

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