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Today, the services of financial professionals in the UK are sought by almost everyone because people have to find means of looking after their taxes, property and planning for the future financially.

The roles of a financial adviser are varied but generally they assist clients maintain their desired levels of investment income, acceptable risk and capital gains through proper asset allocation. There are many factors that determine candidates’ suitability for financial advisory jobs in the UK.

One qualification that is considered a requisite is education. Having a university degree or higher academic qualification places a candidate on a good position in landing financial advisory jobs. Education helps to build confidence with clients.

Courses that are relevant to finance include statistics, law, business and accounts among others. It is important that candidates continue taking courses in finance even after completion of their formal tertiary education as finance is a fluid course.

To qualify for financial advisory jobs candidates must pass certain tests after which they are awarded Certificate in Financial Planning formerly known as Financial Planning Certificate. Aspiring financial advisers should also seek to get work experience in the sector. Getting an education is a good target but experience helps to get a foot at the door and eventually grow to a fully fledged financial adviser. Work experience also helps in establishing business relations with clients and other professionals. Work can be obtained by browsing various job sites online and in local dailies and making applications.

There are other additional qualifications that can help a person land financial advisory jobs. One of them is learning a foreign language. The UK is a leading financial centre in Europe. Grasping a language of another major player in the European market like Germany or France will help in establishing good relations with clients outside the UK. There are also certain legal requirements desired of all financial advisers in the UK. However, UK citizens do not have many restrictions.

The roles of financial advisers fall into two categories: Investing and retirement planning. The latter is one of the major services provided by the professionals. In this capacity, they should be knowledgeable in asset allocation, budgeting, forecasting, financial tools and taxation among others. Investing involves helping clients with short-term as well as long-term investment plans.

Qualifications that make one eligible for financial advisory jobs are awarded by three bodies: The IFS School of Finance, The Chartered Insurance Institute, and The Institute of Financial Planning.

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