First Impressions Matter: Why your Company’s Website is so Important

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company websiteBuilding and maintaining a visually appealing and easy to use website should be one of the most crucial aspects of any company’s marketing and sales plan.

After all, the vast majority of U.S. consumers use the Internet to research items and services before they make a purchasing decision.

Therefore, if your company does not have a professional and easily accessible website, you are likely to lose out on a large number of sales.

How does the First Impression of My Company’s Website Impact Consumers?

1. Design

Each consumer who visits your website will make an instant judgment about your company based on the overall design of the site.

In other words, if your website looks like it was built by an amateur, your visitors are going to make the assumption that your company is not professional. To avoid this problem, it is important to work with an experienced SEO and website design company.

2. Functionality

Some websites make a strong initial impression because they are very aesthetically pleasing. However, if the site is difficult to navigate or it does not include basic information, you are going to give consumers the impression that your company cares more about style than substance.

Keep in mind that each visitor to your website expects to see a professional design that they can easily utilize to obtain information or make an online purchase.

3. Content

Any site can provide consumers with basic information about products or services, but this is not going to be enough to compete in a crowded marketplace.

Instead, you need to ensure that your company’s website includes well-written content that will help consumers connect with the services or products that you offer.

Additionally, it is a good idea to have a blog that provides useful information about your industry because this will improve consumer confidence.

How Can an SEO Company Help Me?

Many business owners make the mistake of building and maintaining their website internally. However, unless you have someone on staff that has professional website design training, this is not a good idea.

After all, it will be difficult to design an attractive and functional site that is filled with good content if you do not have a firm understanding of how all of these factors work.

Instead, you can turn to a professional SEO and website design company, like Everspark Interactive, to take care of everything for you.

As an added bonus, this will also ensure that your site is designed to be compliant with all of Google’s search engine ranking algorithm rules.

It is important to note that failing to use the proper SEO techniques will render even the most beautifully designed site irrelevant because it will buried well beyond the first page when consumers do a search on Google.

Outsourcing your company’s website to a professional company that specializes in design, functionality, content and SEO is the best way to build a strong Internet presence.

When you consider the impact that a website can have on your bottom line, it is easy to understand why so many companies choose to turn to an experienced SEO and website design company to take care of everything for them.

Lisa Coleman shares some important factors about a company’s website needs which affect the first impression and therefore continued traffic to the site. She shares ways that outsourcing a company’s website development to a professional SEO company, like Everspark Interactive, can benefit it through custom design, stunning visual colors, and creative images, all sure to leave a lasting impression.

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