Great Job Search Techniques

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Job Search Techniques

Job Search Techniques

Job searches have increased in the past couple years with decline of the economy. There are several options to weigh when approaching your plan of action or career guide. This of course depends largely on your specific circumstances. When you are unemployed, your search will not mirror that of someone who is employed.

If you are employed and seeking a better position your search will be different from someone who is anticipating being laid off. The same goes for someone who is seeking full time employment versus part time employment. Corporate and domestic positions will be advertised differently so they should be pursued differently. No matter what your situation, understand that finding a job in today’s market is tough and the competition is fierce. Here are eleven great job search techniques you can use in your career guide to land a job or further your career.

Move within your existing company. If your position is being dissolved, consider looking elsewhere within your company for a new position. Even if you have to take a small pay cut, the ramifications of no paycheck at all will be far more devastating.

Word of mouth is a great way to find a job and should be at the top of your career guide list. When you have family and friends working for companies that have vacancies, they can get your foot in the door faster than you can say, When do I start? A friend of mine got her job of now eight years because her sister hand delivered her resume to the HR Director.

Move into a position you know someone is leaving. This might sound silly or even confusing, but it’s really quite effective. My younger sister for some time was a part of a job ring with a few of her friends. Being college students and the creative, daring Generation Now that they are, these young adults gave new meaning to job referrals. Each time one of them found a new job, they would inform the ring to see who wanted the old job. Upon terminating their employment they would also refer someone from the ring, provide the person’s resume and sing their praises. Bold, inventive and effective. A must add to your career guide.

Use your existing skills and experience for a different position in a new industry. This is the age of change. If you aren’t flexible enough to exhaust every avenue or try new things, then be prepared to lose out on opportunities. Your skills aren’t useless. Try to determine where else you can be successful. Switching industries is not as difficult it sounds. You might find you enjoy the new industry more than the old one.

More job search sources include bulletin boards, newspapers and blind submissions. These are all ways in which jobseekers rarely consider finding a good job. Reason being, these places were once popular areas for job postings but have been overshadowed by the internet. There are still people and companies who advertise in these areas. Since most people search online for jobs, this will reduce your competition. More common job search methods are through online career sites, job fairs and websites for companies in your industry and your soon to be former company’s competition. Even more effective ideas to include in your career guide.

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