How Companies Are Creating Fake Online Reviews For Their Own Business

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businessman on computerThere’s plenty of buzz going around the Internet that discusses how some of the reviews on sites such asYelp orGoogle+ Local are fake.

These reviews typically contain false information, but unfortunately for most people, the fake reviews cannot be spotted.

Sometimes these fake reviews are out of the company’s controls, but some of these fake reviews have been intentionally placed on a company’s page by the company itself.

Writing fake reviews is not only a moral no no, but it can also completely damage a company’s reputation and even force them to pay hefty fines.

Even though there are risks, companies are still doing it. So how exactly are companies creating fake online reviews for their own business?

They ask their employees to write the reviews.

Some companies reach out their employees and ask them to write fake reviews. Sometimes these companies simply ask their employees to write positive reviews for their own company or even write negative reviews for the competition in hopes that the employee will just do what their asked.

Other times, though, these companies may offer an incentive to their employees for writing a fake review, including cash bonuses, merchandise or even paid vacations.

They ask friends and families to write the reviews.

If companies don’t have much luck with their own employees, they may reach out to their friends and family members and ask them to write fake reviews. Like with employees, these businesses will ask their friends and family members to either write fake positive reviews for their own business or fake negative reviews for the competition.

These companies may also offer their friends and family members some type of incentive for writing the reviews too, such as a monetary incentive, coupons/discounts to their establishment or even free merchandise.

They hire people to write the reviews.

Most professional writers are not going to accept writing fake reviews for two reasons. First, it won’t improve their portfolio in any way, and second, most companies are not willing to spend enough money to compensate the writer for their time.

Instead, these companies are turning to anyone willing to accept the job for a small amount of money. They’re reaching out to college students who will do almost anything for some change, or they’re using sites like or to find “writers” that are willing to write a large number of fake reviews for as little as $.10 per review.

These individuals know nothing about the company or their competitors, and yet they’re willing to provide false information to individuals that truly believe these reviews just to try and make an extra $5.

Paying someone to write fake reviews on a company page, whether positive for the company or negative for a competitor, is never a good idea.

If your company is caught doing this, not only will it completely damage your company’s image, both online and in person, but it will also put you at risk of receiving hefty fines and other legal penalties.

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