How Do You Balance Graduate School with Your Family and Career?

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We see graduate students as people who go to school without any other commitments. We already stereotyped them that way. However, graduate students are mostly people coping up with a day job while going to school.

Because of personal financial restraints, these students work for their graduate school program. This can be a very pressure-filled situation. We only have so many hours in the day to divide among these three activities.

Balancing life as a student, employee and as a family man is actually easier than you think.

Follow the tips below for a less stressful graduate school life.

1. Set fixed time allocations for school, work and family. You have to divide your day based on fixed schedules. They key to this schedule system is to not let each amount of hours lapse each other. Too many kids are growing up with the feeling of being too emotionally distant from their parent. You don’t want this to happen. Manage your time wisely and follow your schedule strictly.


2. Don’t bring your work home. This is a very basic rule. Just as you would not want your work hours to take up your family hours, don’t bring your work home. Whatever the drama, pressing issues or mind-boggling problems you encounter at work or school, leave it. The moment you step out the premises of work or school, is the moment you turn off that part of your brain. It is unfair to your spouse and young children for you to be physically present but mentally absent. They need your full attention. You might as well not be there physically. Bond with your family members. You can’t do that if you are busily thinking about pressing problems at work or academic issues at school. Focus on getting quality time with your family.

3. Make real quality time. There’s a misconception on constitutes as a family time. Quality time is not just some 30-minute game you spend with your kid. You can’t just tell your kid to stop talking because you need to get to work. It is also the quality of experience you get out of it. You can’t fundamentally shrink quality time with a fixed schedule. That’s why in Tip #1, you have to put fixed schedules on school and work. The rest of your time should be family time. That’s the way it should be. Quality time happens when you spend time with your family members. Memories are not made based on schedules but are based on emotional connections and experiences. The number 1 people in your life should be your family. You can’t schedule this. Moments like these just happens.

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